7 Personal Hygiene Habits We Break Every Day.


Hygiene Habits-The rules of personal hygiene are not so difficult, but we still tend to do something wrong at times. Here we are going to tell you about seven common personal hygiene habits that we often break.

Hygiene Habits we should not break

1. Covering your mouth with a hand while sneezing:

Hygiene Habits

When we cover our mouth with hands while coughing or sneezing, we help the germs to get into our face. The results are itchiness, redness, and other consequences.

How to do it right:

You should cover your mouth with a handkerchief or a tissue, preferably a disposable tissue. If you don’t have any, then cover your mouth with an elbow.

2. Clipping Your Nails:

The nail plate is made up of flakes piled onto each other like tiles. Clippers deform the structure of your nail leading to peeling and destruction.

How to do it right:

If you need to cut your long nails, then clip them longer as you need to and then file them in the shape whatever you want.

3. Lining your lashes:

The tip of your pencil harbors the bacteria that can cause an infection if they find their way to the eye mucosa.

How to do it right:

If you want to achieve your lower lid, then use eyeshadows: apply them at some distance away from the growth line of the lashes.

4. Picking your nose:

Your fingers get caught by a lot of germs that can cause an infection if they get inside your nose. This is especially dangerous if you have a blocked nose.

How to do it right:

Wash your nose by drawing water from your palms with your left and right nostrils alternately.

5. Washing with shower gel:

Our skin is protected by beneficial bacteria that protect it from infections and keep it naturally hydrated, but the daily use of natural shower gel destroys the barrier. The skin becomes drier and rough.

How to do it right:

Daily use of soap and gels necessary on our hands and the area below the belt, the body can be satisfied with the use of gel two times a week.

6. Using too much toothpaste:


How to do it right:

The recommended amount of toothpaste for adults is a pea-sized ball and for children is rice grain.

7. Using too much hair balm:

Hair balms are said to have a dense structure and other various components whose purpose is to make hair smooth and shiny. With excessive use of balm, hair becomes dry leading to poor hair growth.

How to do it right:

The exact amount of hair balm has dropped the size of a small coin. It should be applied only to dry split ends.