8 Beliefs About The Alcohol That We Should Never Believe


Alcohol myths-Well, we have listened to many myths about alcohol, and we even wonder those are true or not but we believe them because many people say that it is not suitable for our health. No matter if there is some problem with that, but it is not always wrong if we drink. It is just a crazy thing that we still think it is wrong or right. We always wonder after listening to the people around us about that.

Here are the ten most popular alcohol myths that we listen about the alcohol that you have heard. You will learn something new about it.

The hangover of alcohol always makes you dehydrated.

8 Alcohol myths you should stop believing

If you drink alcohol, then it will disturb your body balance of salt and water. You become thirsty with it. The amount of water in the body will not change, but the blood vessels present in your body will not get enough of it and hence it may even lead to the intercellular space. It will cause the swelling in your body parts, and therefore it is the primary reason for the headaches.

The older the wine, the better it is.

8 Alcohol myths you should stop believing

The bottles of the wine have their expiry dates, and hence you cannot store it forever with you. Everything around us has some ideal age and thus we should consume some of the table wines within one year and could not save it permanently in your life. But there are many wines that we should drink before passing ten to twenty years as it will taste bad.

Alcohol makes your body feel warm.


We start feeling warm right after we drink the alcohol as the blood get rushed into your skin and therefore at the same time it will move through your body parts and also into your internal organs. As a result of it, the body becomes less-cold resistant. But the problem is that you will not realize it much because there will be no visible signs on the body skin.

You should not mix several drinks.

The way that you have a feeling of goodness is according to the drink that you drink but not the variety. The only way that you can explain the persistence is through if you will drink only one kind of alcohol. It will be easy to track how much you have swallowed. If you drink a lot without noticing it are much lower.

Alcohol will protect your skin from radiation.

The origin of the facts is unknown to us. One of the alcohol myths that alcohol is not suitable for curing the radiations, and it will also not make radionuclides leave your body. But if you want to protect yourself from the emissions, then you can undergo the individual medical supplies.

The combination of antibiotics and alcohol is the most dangerous combination for our body.

In the actual fact, there are only a few antibiotics that are compatible along with the alcohol. If you do such things together, then you may feel nauseated, dizzy, and even you may contact the severe pain in your chest. The doctor must warn you for that and for prescribing the medicines. Most of the antibiotics can also harm you if you want to drink the glass of wine.

You must not reduce the strength of alcohol that you drink.

If you love drinking whiskey, then you can also go for adding some beer to it, and nothing terrible will happen with it. It will not even affect the number of times that you drink the beverages. But the real matter is how much you drink it.

Alcohol is caloric.

Alcohol is not that caloric, but the problem is it can interfere in the metabolism of your body. Your body will try to get rid of the juice as possible as it can do because alcohol is like a poison to it. And hence your metabolism will slow down as much time alcohol is present in your body. And thus if you have eaten something before drinking, then that will turn into fat.