The delicious food

South Africa is an incredibly diverse place. With eleven official languages and many different cultures, it’s no wonder this comes out in the South African foods. From traditional staples such as pap to braaivleis and bobotie (to name a few), South Africa is certainly the place for foodies with the desire to try new delicious cuisines filled with culture and back-stories of substance. While South Africa is known for its hearty main meals which truly go the distance and can be divided between large groups or families, we also have desserts to die for, including Milk-Tert (milk tart), Koeksisters and Malva Pudding. We certainly are a foodie nation, and that’s just one of the reasons people travel from near and far to visit.

It has some of the most beautiful Winelands in the world

South Africa is also known to have some of the most exquisite wine regions in the world, producing some of the world’s finest blends. You can travel almost anywhere in the country and find gorgeous Winelands and vineyards, but the Western Cape (Cape Town) is certainly the favorite. Just 45 mins drive from Cape Town city center is the Franschhoek wine valley – a place every visitor should explore. Franschhoek is truly magical, filled with raw beauty, incredible food, delicious wine, and fantastic accommodation. Wellington and Stellenbosch are also not too far from here, making it a perfect day or weekend trip as you make your way through each of these locations. The Constantia wine region is another incredible location and a true thrill to the senses. With a mere 15 minute drive from the CBD, there’s no reason not to visit.


It has a rich history

South Africa is very rich in history, especially political history. Robben Island had many functions between the 17th and 21st centuries. It was a hospital, military base, prison and now an iconic landmark museum. Of course, this was where former president and freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his 27-year sentence, and for this reason, it’s a place visitors are eager to learn more about. A one-hour boat trip from the V&A Waterfront will get you to the island where you’ll be guided by former inmates/officers, who will walk you through the grounds, share stories of the brutal experiences, and of course, show you Nelson Mandela’s cell. Cape Town is also home to the Slave Lodge, the Holocaust Museum, the Castle of Good Hope, and plenty of interesting museums showcasing the city and countries’ fascinating past. In Durban, you’ll find Nelson Mandela’s capture site, and again, many different museums and old forts. Johannesburg is home to the Apartheid Museum, Consitution Hill and the Cradle of Human Kind to name a few.

It’s natural and picturesque

The coastline of South Africa is just so beautiful, and we pride ourselves on our unique, unspoiled beaches and landscapes. In the way of beaches, there are a few that are world-renowned surfing spots, especially in Durban and Port Elizabeth, while Blouberg Beach in Cape Town is every kite-surfers’ dream location. Other fantastic beaches to swim and suntan include Cape Town’s Llandudno, Camps Bay, and Clifton beaches, while Boulders is the place for penguin spotting. In Durban, Gold Mile Beach and Umhlanga are the favorites, and what’s great about this part of South Africa, is that its summer practically year-round!

It’s filled with wildlife (Thanda Safari)

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, from the big five to hundreds of species of mammal and birdlife. There are many game reserves and lodges throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg’s Kruger National Park, and game lodges in KZN and the Western Cape. There are plenty of lodges that provide exclusive and guaranteed game experiences such as Thanda Safari. This is a luxury game reserve, with beautiful accommodation and home to the big five.

The people are warm and welcoming

The South African people are known throughout the world to be very warm, friendly, helpful, and welcoming. South Africans, in general, enjoy meeting new people from other parts of the world, because in truth, the majority are unable to travel and so find their connection to the rest of the world through the tourists that pass through. South African’s – as most of Africa – are natural-born storytellers and take great pride in their fascinating history and heritage, which they love to share with anyone willing to listen.

There’s so much for children to do

When visiting South Africa with children, there are many exciting adventures and things for them to do. South Africa caters for young and old. There are very few places that you can’t visit with your children, and most wine farms, restaurants, and places of interest will have a play area for your young ones. Children love the Aquarium, Monkey Town, and the World of Birds in Cape Town, as well as enjoying paintballing activities, the beaches, and theme parks of Durban.

It has incredible hiking trails

With the beautiful landscapes and mountain trails of South Africa, there are some incredible hiking trails, including Table Mountain and Lions Head in Cape Town, Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve and Burman Bush in KZN/Durban, as well as the Wilds Nature Reserve in Johannesburg.