8 Useful Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight



Hey there, lovely people! We are all glued to our electronic gadgets, be it a laptop or smartphone. They’ve gotten the best of us. Although we know how important they are to us in this new, up and running world, still they have many bad side effects. Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, and laptop, is bound to affect our eyesight, leading to decrease in the power of eyesight, puffy and tired eyes, and other irritations. Don’t worry though, here are some really helpful and simple eye exercises which have been scientifically proven to reduce the excess strain on your eyes and facial muscle. If you want a healthy eyesight, this is for you, so take some time off your busy schedule and read this thoroughly and try the easy exercises given as they have many benefits.

8 Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

1. Roll your Eyes:

8 Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

 For this 2-minute simple exercise, all you need to do is find a comfortable sitting place. Keep your eyes open, then roll your eyes slowly in a clockwise direction. Remember not to put too much pressure on your eyes, this will help release the strain from your eyes, making you feel relaxed as it helps in improving your concentration.

2. Rub-a-dub:

8 Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

If you have over-strained eyes, then this is for you. You can even try this with your contact lenses on. Stand in a straight posture and then rub your palms together to get them warm, then place the inner side of your palms on your closed eyelids. Feel the warmth of your hands and let it absorb in, don’t press your palms in too deep. Repeat these steps 3 to 5 times.

3. The Moving Finger:

8 Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

This is an exercise method which is recommended by ophthalmologists. If you have poor eye muscle, then this is for you. Get seated and relax, then place your hands in front of you in such a way that the index finger is pointing upwards, in linear distance to your nose and focus on its tip. Keep moving your finger away from your face till it’s an arm’s length away from you. Repeat the step 3 to 4 times by bringing back your finger to the initial position. This simple and easy exercise helps you concentrate.

4. 20-20 Focus:

If you want to relieve the persistent eyestrain and improve the strength of poor eye muscle, which is the result of sitting in front of electronic screens, then this is surely an effective exercise. Find any object near you to focus on, then shift your focus to another object which is about 2.5 meters away, keep this up for 20 seconds. This gradual shifting helps to refresh your eyes and provides relief to your ocular muscles.

5. Blink:

Blinking is the simplest method to provide relief to overworked, dry, and itchy eyes. Try blinking rapidly for a few times, this will decrease the irritation cause as more fluid spreads in your eyes.

6. Hot and Cold Compression:

Try this exercise at least once in every couple of days. Hot and cold compress works in great ways. Just take one small bowl of hot water and another with cold water. Find a fresh towel or handkerchief to use and then prepare for the compress. First, apply the hot compress over your eyes and then go with the cold compress. Repeat this step for a couple of times.

7. Eye Massage:

8 Eye Exercises to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

Tilt your head back gently and then use your finger to provide a slight pressure over your eyelids. Make sure you rub your eyes in a circular motion and keep your eyes closed for a while after the massage. Don’t press over your eyes too much, more so if you’re wearing contact lenses then be careful while performing this exercise.

8. Writing Messages:

Stare at a blank wall that’s at least 8 feet away from you to relieve the eye strain and tone your eye muscles. Imagine that you’re writing something on the wall with your eyes, tracing an image with your eyes will make your eye muscles move rapidly in varied directions, which helps in exercising weak eye muscles. Keep at it for more than 15 seconds, this will help you relax.