9 Useful Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner


Hey there, ladies! Even though we disregard the use of lipliner, it still stands as an essential product. Lip liner protects the lipstick you’re wearing from bleeding and more. It has many great plus points as it gives a definite look to your lips, making them look fuller and plumper. So, are you a pro at applying lip liner? Here are some simple and amazing tips to make the best of lip liners, let’s go ahead and look at the varying points.

9 Amazing Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner4

1. Work at 45 degrees:

We always want to make our lips look softer, so the angle at which you apply your lip liner matters a lot. You should keep your hands at 45 degrees to make the best of it. Remember to use gentle and light strokes to prevent bold and hard lines, make sure you apply it smoothly for a clean and clear look.

9 Amazing Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner2

2. Nude lip liner for plump lips:

Nude lip liners are in a craze these days, it adds a definition to the lips and gives a plumed-up look. You have to draw it with soft lines to give a natural contour to your lips and then fill it up to create the plump lips illusion.


3. Contrasting shades for fuller lips:

If you want to go for a natural look, contrasting shades will work great by creating an illusion of fuller lips. Just draw over your cupid’s bow along with a dark lip liner. Repeat the same step at the middle and bottom portion of your lips, follow it up by blending it with a lighter shade of lip liner, and voila, you will have an amazing look of naturally fuller lips.

4. Warm up the lip liner for smoother application:

For a smooth application of the lip liner over your lips, warm up the tip of your liner. This is an important tip to remember because it results in a softer tip which provides a smoother application. But beware, don’t overheat the lip liner too much as it might get damaged. And if your liner is already super soft and breakage prone, then refrigerate it before using it.

5. Apply lip liner first:

If you want an intense look and finish, then apply the lip liner before you put on any lipstick. You can start off by drawing lines, apply with pressure to get a stronger look. Then fill your lips with the same color lip liner or lipstick. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding and gives a definite look to your lips.

9 Amazing Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner6

6. Alternative to lipstick:

Lip liners have amazing effects on the lips, they can be used as an alternative to a lipstick as well. It gives the similar results to a matte lipstick. Fill up your lips as you would and smudge it up with a brush to get a softer appearance. The lips look more subtle with lip liners as lipstick.

7. Always start fresh:

Before you start applying your lip liner, make your lips clean and fresh. And in case you’re going to reapply a lip liner, clean away the lipstick first to increase the wearing time. If you’re going for a lip gloss over the liner, wipe off the lip gloss before you reapply it for it to last longer.

9 Amazing Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner5

8. Do not sharpen much:

One of the biggest makeup mistakes is when you oversharpen your lip liners, it will result in thin lines, making it look like a ring around your lips. If you want a natural look then remember to use a liner with a blunt tip, it creates a thick line and blends quite well along with the lipstick you choose to apply and does not result in artificial appearance. These simple tips can make a huge difference to your overall look.

9 Amazing Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Lip Liner

9. Discard the liner with white tips:

You might just be a makeup lover and if yes, then of course you’d be having a ton of products. With this comes the responsibility of keeping a track of the expiration dates of the products to prevent any possible harm. So, when you notice a white film over your lip liners, it’s time to throw them out as it’s a sign that your liner has passed its expiration date and should not be used anymore.