9 Worst Habits That We Mistakenly Consider Harmless


Bad habits-We all are aware of the fact that overeating and going late to bed is unhealthy for us. Sometimes good activities can even harm our health a lot. Do you have any idea that if you are stifling a sneeze, you may even end up in a hospital? Moreover, also while eating chewing gum, we may also feel less focused on our work.

We have listed down some of such habits that are harmless but put our health in danger.

9 Bad habits that can put your life in danger

Which body parts suffer?


Toothpicks put our gums in danger. Dentists do not like toothpicks at all. It is not easy to clean our mouth thoroughly with a toothpick. For that, you may use some dental floss to rinse your mouth. However, firstly you should learn how to perform it correctly.

Sleeping on the pillow while face down

Which body parts suffer?

Blood circulation, facial skin, breathing, and spinal cord

It is very comfortable to sleep on the pad with the face down. However, in this position, your neck is in an unnatural pose, and breathing is hard. Moreover, also blood circulation is not proper. Doctors said that the wrinkles you get in this position become constant after some time and they will not disappear in the future. To avoid sleeping in this position.

We shell seeds with our teeth.

Which body parts suffer?

Gallbladder and teeth

We usually shell seeds with our teeth, but it should get done with hands. Dentists easily recognize seed eaters by tooth damage. People those have gallbladder problems should not eat the seeds at all because the caloric value of seeds is more than 500 Kcal in 100 grams.

While thinking chewing some stable things

Which body parts suffer?

Teeth, gums, and mouth

Those people, who have a habit of chewing pencils, pens, paperclips, and other solids, usually have problems of huge enamel. It is the reason why you should not try to open up the bottles, chew ice cubes, nuts, and lollipops. And moreover, you can also get an infection if you do this.

We even postpone going the washroom.

Which body parts suffer?

The urinary system, kidneys, and intestine

It is the news of June 2018; a younger gamer, great Britain was hospitalized because he played a game for continuously 8 hours without taking pause. He did not go to the bathroom, and his intestine and urinary bladder get bloated that doctors thought that he had a tumor. All the doctors suggested that you should not keep it for a long time because it will injure your muscles which can further infect the urinary tract and leads constipation.

Mostly girls wash their hair with hot water.

Which body parts suffer?

Scalp and brain vessels

Many people love to take a shower in hot water. But you should stop doing it right now. Taking a bath with hot water can cause a severe headache and dizziness. And the second reason is that hot water stimulates the function of glands named “sebaceous” on the scalp that turns your hair very dirty.

Usually, we touch our face and starts rubbing eyes.

Which body parts suffer?

Eyes and skin

If you often feel your face with your hands, you can get different infections like acne, herpes, and many more germs. You can get conjunctivitis if you rub your eyes frequently. It is infectious diseases which include tearing, burning, light sensitivity, and inflammation.

We read while lying down on the bed.

Which body parts suffer?

The eyes, spinal cord, and neck skin

You have to follow these rules when you are reading in bed:

  1. You do not have to keep the book to close to your eyes.
  2. Do not strain your neck and do not curve your back. Sit straight.
  3. Do not lie on your side while reading, otherwise, the distance between your eyes and the book continually changes and your eyes have to do more work.
  4. Do not lie on your belly while reading. In this way, your spinal cord will get damage.

I know it can be difficult to follow these rules. But these positions can bring deep wrinkles on your neck.

Using a phone in the bathroom is one of the bad habits that can put your life in danger

Which body parts suffer?

Anus and overall hygiene

Here we not only talk about phones. It is the same for reading the newspaper and books. It happens because sitting more than five minutes in the toilet exerts more pressure in veins. And also phones spread bacteria after we take them with us to other places.