9 Best Beauty Hacks Ever Created


Best Beauty Hacks-There is many permanent solutions for every problem but sometimes we want an instant solution and those instant solutions are beauty hacks that can provide you flawless and elegant look just in several minutes. Here are some best beauty hacks provided and explained which is proved to be an instant solution for your daily problems.

Natural beauty strawberry hacks- white teeth in two minutes

This is one of the best beauty hacks for whitening teeth, strawberry can be used as malic acid is present in the strawberry which promotes skin whitening. Lemons are commonly used for whitening teeth but they affect enamel. So it is advised to use strawberry at the place of the lemons as softens the lips also and even tastes good.

Best Beauty hacks for skin-cover up acne scars

Best Beauty Hacks

Many people have been through a teenage stage full of acne and pimples but acne and pimples result in scars which are for a lifetime in severe cases. So to deal with this some makeup products are introduced in the market to save us from such embarrassing situations.  As makeup has the intense ability to cover up all the skim flaws and pigmentation’s and give you flawless and elegant and spotless skin.

Activated charcoal protein bars and polishing scrub

Activated charcoal as advised for getting clean skin as they have the intense ability to absorb all the impurity, dirt and toxins from your body leaving you with shiny, smooth and flawless skin. Charcoal is good for your inner health as well as outer beauty.

The sock as beauty blender makeup hack

Everybody has a drawer which is used to collect the entire lost and found a sock. A sock which has no other half are of no use but they can be used to apply foundation and other makeup products and would provide you much benefit if you want to save money as well as they are best applicators and blend the makeup more perfectly.

Perfect your liquid eyeliner makeup hack

Apply eyeliner is more an art cause it seems impossible to apply eyeliner without any external help as apply eyeliner needs a lot of patience and stability.  If you want a perfect arch and shape of your eyeliner you better reach for scotch tape. Scotch tape is much help in the application of eyeliner as they provide perfect arch and wing of the eyeliner. Just look at these ones of the coolest eye makeup hacks 

Anti aging hack-cover grey hair mascara

Aging can’t be stopped but one could slow it down by some home remedies but if you want instant anti-aging hack use mascara on the grey hair. First, comb your hair and do the middle partition and after the partition, apply mascara using the wing carefully and cover up all the grey hair within just a few seconds.


Beauty hair hack – curly hair with a pencil

Every woman loves curly hair but those curling tools are pretty expensive so if you are savings friendly then it is better to use a hack. Pencils can be used to curl down your hair just a take pencil and wrap strands of your hair and heat that up using a straighter for few seconds and get some curls in your hair.

Contour chest – cleavage make up

This hack is pretty good for girls as it will help in highlighting the most important are like lower neck bone areas and giving them proper definition you will just need a brush and foundation apply the foundation using the brush and highlight the area near the cleavage and look more attractive than ever.


Foreshadowing -easy forehead make up hack

For forehead, makeup using a brush and apply foundation on your forehead in accordance with the shape of your forehead and after application of the foundation use a sponge to blend it properly. This would help your big forehead much slimmer and you will look much smaller.