9 Brilliant Evolution Of The Pop Culture Icons Over Many Years


Evolution of the pop culture-Well, you all know that we human beings have also got transformed a lot. And this change is not only in one day, but it takes over the years. The move is not the trending fashion, but it is the change in the looks of a person. We can see a lot of distinctions between people from those of the past few centuries. People have changed according to their language and their culture. And now we come to the television channels. The characters in those channels have got transformed a lot from the day one that they have aired themselves on the TV.

No matter how but the small distinctions over the future time have made many changes in them. Now if you think of the first looks of the same character, you will not find them the same as they are now. The primary differences we see are in the cartoon characters. Here we are with the examples of those. You will love to see them and the changes that have found over time in them.

9 Evolution Of The Pop Culture


9 Evolution Of The Pop Culture

The cartoon character of Thor has changed in a few years. The first animation was in 1966 and see a lot of difference in the looks since then to 2018. You can even find the videos which depict the same changes in your favorite Thor. These animations illustrations can give you a true symbol regarding the same.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia makes an excellent companion because of her cuteness and super fun character. Her character is the most lovable character in the cartoon roles and their features. You will find a lot of lovers of her, and hence they have noticed one fact, and that is the change in her looks over a small period.

Captain America

People loved a lot the animated movie of Captain American. He is the star and the real defender of America. See the evolution period of the captain over a long period. The one telecasted in 1941 is precisely opposite to the one in 2018.

Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving is the English and the Australian character who is also known as the Lord of the Rings. See the changes in the role and the looks of the actor over around twenty years. The first telecasted role seems as if it is of the girl, but later we came to know that it is of a boy. The cartoon character will never let you know about it.

Jeff Goldblum

Well, in the starting of the role Jeff was a masterpiece you will ever find in your life. Now after slowly seeing the evolution of the physical appearance and the personality move to the fifth phase. He is the one with spectacles. I am sure you will not easily believe it, but it is the same character.

God of Mischief Himself: Loki

It is the fictional character that is he who appears in the American books which got published by the Marvel Comics. Look at the angry face of the second phase. In all other till now, you will find one crown on his head, but then at the end, it is also not there. It is the matter to think.

Luke Skywalker

Look at the evaluation of the pop culture this is one of the funniest one. The character himself turned upside down. Till now, I am sure you might not have found someone like this. But here we give you a chance to see. He is Luke Skywalker. I know you must have loved his evolution period.

Iron Man

Iron Man is the most innovative character of the Marvel Studio. He is the superhero such that from small kids to the significant adults are the great fans of him. His movies are on the list of the best movies you will ever find.


Recently everyone must have seen the newly released movie of Deadpool. But the evolution in the animated form seems the best one. Deadpool is the most wanted and liked the form of animation for the most of people including adults.