A-List of Some Anti-trends and Their Better Alternative


Anti-trends-A British website, known as ‘YouGov’, conducted a study and asked 3500 participants to name the types of clothing that are completely tasteless in their opinion. The results were astonishing as the list contained some of the most popular items of clothing also, that men and women still prefer to wear. So here are some items from that list that you may agree with and it also contains some of the clothing and accessories that we would like to add to that very list.

A List of Some Anti-trends and Their Better Alternative

Tracksuits in everyday life

A List of Some Anti-trends and Their Better Alternative

Tracksuits are the clothing for your gym, fitness routines or a sports club. But the trends disagree, and many young people are spotted wearing huge pants and hoodies which are very comfortable but look kind of out of place.


There are many comfortable alternatives to this clothing. You can fill your closet with some tees, be it plain or printed, and a lot of loose-fitting cotton pants.

Tulle skirts

Tulle skirts were a favourite at a time, no doubt there, but today they are out of style, and you should also get rid of them. Sometimes they can even turn out to look a little tacky and are not at all ‘in’ these days. So yeah, make a note to throw them away.


Midi-skirts made out of natural fabric is the fad these days so grab some of those. If you want to go for a classy look, then you need to pick some of the pencil-skirts which are perfect for any event.

Colourful braces

Now don’t take me the wrong way but not to wear colourful braces is a given. They already give you a lot of pain you do not need another pain from the stares at the streets.


There are braces now, which can be attached to the inner side of your teeth, so do consult your dentist about those.

Street style slippers with artificial fur

Okay, I don’t even know how we got to wearing such slippers, but they seem to be very popular these days which makes me question our generation, of course, I’m kidding.


Simplicity is the key and so go for the good old-fashioned regular slippers or maybe just put on a pair of comfy shoes.

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The participants found berets a little odd although they were pretty popular during 2018. It is hard to find anything that goes with it, and they do not protect you from the cold.


Beanies and hats offered by so many companies are a way better choice than a beret. You need to get rid of berets as fast as possible.

Swimsuits with laces

Beach fashion keeps changing at a fast pace. It wasn’t a long time back when swimsuits with laces were the new thing, but now they are out. And out they should go from your collection also.


A one-piece swimsuit is the best choice like the one Pamela Anderson wore in Baywatch (Oh you do remember that, don’t you?). An open back swimsuit is also entirely in fashion and please guys, go for the ones that do not have any decoratives hanging around them.

Sneakers with thick soles

Okay, do not kill me for listing out this one. I know how hugely popular they are or rather they were, I cannot decide. Not just me, but the stylists may also recommend you otherwise.


Just buy some regular sneakers instead, mate. If you really want to go for something unique, pick the ’80s and ’90s one which is pretty stylish in my opinion. Many modern brands provide you with some of these stylish and limited edition sneakers.

Deep V-neck tees for men

V-neck t-shirts have never become very popular among men, but some of you guys refuse to give them up. They are too out of style to wear now, so just get rid of them.


A good alternative, you ask? A polo t-shirt has always been a man’s best friend. Come on; it’s a classic.

Decorative elbow patches

Sweaters adorned *giggles* with elbow patches were very popular back in the day during 2010, and I don’t know why. They have never looked good on anyone and anything. Do they appear a little strange only to me or do you feel the same way? Elbow patches had taken on not only sweaters but also jackets and turtlenecks.


Simple variety of sweaters and jackets work fine instead of the ones with elbow patches so before I come and throw it out myself, save me the trouble and get rid of them.

Leather pants

I don’t even know why I have to mention this clothing because this material is way too out of style to still make its way to the present. Leather clothing does look good but only in the case of jackets and overcoats instead of pants.


Jeans are here to stay and never going out of style so just pick a pair of denim and you are good to go.

Men’s swim trunks

Okay, I will be straight with you guys on this, men’s tight swim trunks look like panties. The truth has been spoken.


Shorts are a better choice than these swim trunks. Almost 85% of the participants voted against this clothing.

Torn shorts

High rise torn-mini-shorts have dropped their popularity nowadays. They used to be very popular but not now.


Loose or even tight mid hip shorts are the right way to go with it. Natural cotton is the fabric that you may go for.

Bandage dresses

Yes, you read it right, the sexy bandage dress is not a big thing anymore. Moreover, its tightness did not give the skin the breathing space. Also, those were not comfortable at all.


Dresses with a belt around them are the new craze. So definitely grab some of those.

Do you agree or disagree with some of the items in this article? Was this article just what you needed for your fashion advice? Do not worry; we will come up with various such fashion pieces of advice. Just look for us, and the answers are right at your hand. Share all your thoughts in the comments below.