16 Awesome Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know

Vaseline life hacks-The little tub of petroleum jelly contains many secrets aside from healing chapped lips. Its a box brimming with nostalgia from our childhood.
Sort of like time travelling machine, it can easily transport us to that era when winning a pen fight made us feel like the king and fighting with our best friend was the only source of worry.
Vaseline has not only been a mum – favourite but also has managed to retain the BFF mantle with its multifarious uses…

16 Vaseline life hacks.

16 Vaseline life hacks
So here are the 16 ways to prove that Vaseline is indeed a wonder jelly…
1. Batteries are pretty prone to depletion, especially the car ones. Applying vaseline on the terminals can easily clean any muck and also saves you from making several trips to the mechanic.
2. Halloween is right around the corner, and your pumpkin carving should be the talk of the streets. But there is a slight problem, the browning around the edges that dims your flair. Vaseline at the rescue! Dab some vaseline around the carved edges and flaunt your skills for days to come!
3. One of the winter plights that often spoil the festive joy is a cracked heel. Vaseline maps a natural remedy for this problem, apply the jelly on the affected areas and put on some socks. This will prevent the moisture from escaping your feet and resulting in a soft, supple heel.
4 Looking forward to an exciting yet long day ahead but worried about the sweat and body odour slowly creeping in to dampen your joy? We have a solution at hand for you. Dab on some vaseline at your juncture points such as wrists, and neck column and then spritz your fragrance over that to ensure longevity.

16 Vaseline life hacks
5. Bike or scooter gears are known for their corrosion. However, a little vaseline layer over them can delay the process, impressively.
6. Creaking windows and doors are a real annoyance. Using some vaseline to lubricate the hinges is a tried and tested solution to this problem.
7. The first and foremost use of vaseline was its application on lips to prevent them from chapping. But over the years, vaseline has proven that it is a splendid moisturiser to other parts of the body too.
8. Ran out of candles? Prepare a makeshift wick with paper and place it in a tub full of vaseline and keep your flame alive and burning bright.
9. Vaseline also acts as a rust preventive lubricant that can save your tool from corrosion.
10. Zippers and smoothness rarely see eye to eye. However, vaseline can bridge the gap between these two things and ensure a smooth running
11. Love the snow but hate the frostbite! Apply some vaseline jelly on your face before going out. This will save you from frostbites.
12. If your furniture is losing their initial shine, then a massage of this magical jelly will restore it to its previous glory and to top it off it is also cost-effective.
13. Caps of nail polish bottle gets often stuck after the first application. To avoid this problem, you can smudge on some vaseline around the mouth of the bottle. So that the next time you use it, you do not have to wage war with the bottle!
14. Vaseline can also ease the abrasions that result from a ring stuck on your finger.
15. Don’t let the dust and pollution, dull the gleam of your favourite leather pumps, apply a layer of vaseline to prevent it from wear and tear.
16. A temporary hack to manage that untameable frizz is to use vaseline and run a brush over your gorgeous mane.