24K strain (also known as 24 Karat Gold or Kosher Tangie) is a hybrid, indica-dominant strain of weed. Although it is indica-dominant, the longevity of its physical effects appears to be more like those associated with Sativa.

The strain was created by DNA Genetics; the high profile cannabis breeders responsible for giving us Chocolope and LA Confidential. 24K is a cross between their award-winning Kosher Kush breed and the Sativa-dominant strain, Tangie.

As well as it’s signature citrus flavor, 24K strain has an impressive look to it, with colorful and eye-catching flowers. It also delivers quite a high, with a potency level of between 15-24%. This makes it maybe not the recommended first choice for a cannabis novice.

What Does the 24K Gold Cannabis Strain Look Like?

24K Gold flowers are medium to large in size. The shape of the buds can range from ball-shaped to spade-like, depending on the phenotype.

With all phenotypes, though, there is a dense bud structure typical of indica strains. The color of the leaves is green and an almost see-through trichome coating gives the plant a cool white sheen.

What About 24K Gold’s Aroma and Taste?

Cured 24K Gold flowers will give off a smell of fresh citrus fruit. On closer investigation into the aroma, a hint of pine and musk can be detected. Further still, breaking into the buds themselves reveals the aroma of spices and incense; revealing the strain’s origins in the mountains of the Hindu Kush.

When smoked, 24K Gold gives off an uncommonly smooth smoke, despite its thickness and lung expanding qualities. On inhaling, the smoke tastes of fruit, but gives you a pinch of pepper on the way out, that could be described as bitter.

Effects of 24K Gold

For an indica, 24K hits fast. As soon as it is inhaled, the effects can be felt almost immediately, and start with a slight throbbing on the forehead. Accompanying this will be sharpened senses, stimulating an amplification of sights and sounds. For this reason, many users prefer this strain when they are listening to some atmospheric EDM. Time dilation or visual distortion are other common psychedelic effects of 24K Gold.

With 24K Gold, there are few productive effects on cerebral performance. A basic, lucid, conversation may be as good as it gets; certainly, don’t be expecting to be doing any really complex tasks. Rather, this strain should be savored with friends so the easygoing atmosphere and fun that it creates can be shared. As dosage is increased, 24K Gold induces deeper sedation, with a drift into couch-lock that can leave users content for hours. This definitely makes 24K Gold a strain for the nighttime only.

Users of cannabis for medical purposes may benefit from 24K Gold’s deep sedation inducement. It can give pain relief for both temporary and chronic conditions. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities which can provide aid for headaches, irritations and stomach conditions.

If it is taken in high enough doses, it can provide relief for insomnia. 24K Gold will provide a temporary blunting of the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Although there is little reporting of recursive paranoia, patients with low tolerance to THC should be aware of 24K Gold’s often disorienting and overwhelming intensity.

How Can You Get Some 24K Gold?

Growers are fortunate enough to be able to buy 24K Gold seeds online. But, be warned, the seed is considered to be quite temperamental to grow, so may not be the best option for new cannabis growers.

Once you’ve got your seeds, you can grow 24K Gold either indoors or outside, so long as it is in a semi-humid environment with plenty of sunlight. If you are growing indoors, be aware that 24K Gold can get tall, so keep trimming your plants back. When grown indoors, its flowering time is around 9-10 weeks and you can expect a yield of around

42 to 51 grams (1.5 to 1.8 oz) per sqft of plants.

To summarize, 24K Gold is an ideal choice for seasoned indica fans in search of an easy, full-flavored smoke. It’s a great choice for a social gathering, chatting with friends or just chilling out alone.