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Confidence in the bedroom is a vital part of a fulfilling and satisfying relationship; it’s what helps people explore their desires and needs, and it’s what can bring people closer together. However, although it makes sense that everyone should be sexually confident – it’s the one thing everyone has in common – it’s not always easy. There’s a lot of pressure, particularly in the media and social media, to act and be a certain way, and the worry of not living up to that image can dent someone’s sexual confidence. There are other issues too, and it’s great to understand them and move past them. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to become more sexually confident.

Be Present

One of the most important ways to be more sexually confident is to be completely present in the moment when you’re being intimate with a partner. When you’re thinking of all the things that worry you and that you think you’re not good at, you’ll be distracted, and engaging with your loved one will be much more difficult. You might even come across as distant and uncaring; at the very least, you won’t be completely focused on your partner, which they’ll quickly pick up on.

To boost your sexual confidence, you’ll need to become good at mindfulness in and out of the bedroom. Try to find activities to help you focus on the present moment, like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and more. When you can do this, you’ll find it’s easier to be present and enjoy the moment in the bedroom, and your sexual confidence will soar.

Use Toys

One way to boost your sexual confidence is to try new things and explore what you want. This is why looking at all the offerings at My Amazing Fantasy – Sex Shop with your partner (or alone if you prefer) can help. By using sex toys, you can build your confidence and make the experience more pleasurable; that’s what the toys were designed to do, and the more you can enjoy sex – and the more you know your partner is enjoying it – the better.

Toys are great for those unsure about their own bodies and how to use them, as they give you that added dimension of pleasure; you can’t go wrong when you’re using them. Experimenting with different types of toys can help you discover a whole new world of enjoyment in the bedroom, and you’ll be confident with it too.

More Communication

One of the best things you can do to be more confident in the bedroom is to communicate with your partner. If you’re always unsure about what they want and how to please them, you’ll never come across as completely in control and confident in what you’re doing, which can ruin the mood.

Talk to your partner about what they want from you, and tell them what you want. In this way, everyone will be happy and enjoy the experience together, and no one needs to worry that the other person isn’t happy and satisfied. It can be hard to start the conversation, but it’s worth trying because it can make a huge difference to your confidence levels.