Aloe vera and coconut oil pack for damaged hair-We all dream of that silky and smooth hair but often fail to accomplish that goal because of the lack of proper hair care routine.

But, you don’t have to worry now.

Here we have this aloe vera and coconut oil pack for damaged hair.


Aloe vera and coconut oil pack for damaged hair

1. Alovera – a great gift from nature.

2. Coconut oil


Step 1.

First of all, wash the aloe vera leaf to remove the dirt from it.

Step 2.

Get away with the thorns from the edges of the leaf.

Step 3.

Now, chop the leaf in small pieces as shown below.

Step 4.

Now, make a puree of the mixture. Remember to not to peel off the outer cover of the leaf because it has anti-bacterial properties which are extremely beneficial for hair.

Step 5.

Now, mix coconut oil with the puree. 

Step 6.

After mixing it well, take a section of the hair and apply the mixture on every part of the hair and wear a shower cap. Wash your hair after 2 hours.

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1. If in case you do not like the smell of the mixture, add some essential oil to the mixture.

2. Make a paste of fenugreek seek and add it to the mixture if you are facing the problem of hair fall.

3. If in case you have dandruff issues, you can mix curd.

4. Apply it on a daily basis to see the transformation.