Amazing tips to make your lips look bigger without any surgery!!


Women aspire to have fuller lips. Some well-known models have already taken the help of cosmetic surgeries to reshape their lips and make them fuller. But, what about you? Do you really think that you require a surgery to get fuller lips? We don’t think so! You can very well get the lips of your dreams by following some tips. Today we’ll share with you the most effective ways to make your lips appear bigger and fuller. And the best thing about these tips is that they are super super easy and cheap!

1.Remove the dead skin off of your lips using a brush.

Did you know that chapped and flaky lips reflect less light making your lips appear smaller than they already are? So, You need to scrub your lips to get rid of that. Use Vaseline to brush your lips and get rid of the flakes.

2. Use concealer as a base to overline your lips a little bit.

You can always use a concealer as a base over your lips to create a fake canvas and to work upon it later with your lipstick. This will give an illusion of larger lips.

3. Use lip gloss on the mid part of your lips.

Apply clear lip gloss to the middle part of your lips. This will enable your lips to reflect more light thus making them look bigger!

4. Overline your lips slightly.

If you have thin lips, you should definitely use a lip liner. Using a lip liner will give you more defined lips. You can use it to overline your lips slightly. Then after you’re done, fill in your lips with a matching lip shade. Use a concealer to hide any mistakes that you might have made while applying the lipstick. This will give you a professional look.

5. Avoid using darker lipstick

To make your lips look bigger, use nude lip shades instead of darker ones.

6. Try two different lip colors.

Apply a nude shade on your overall lips and then finish by applying a lighter shade of lipstick just in the middle part of your lips as shown in the above picture.

Note: If your lower lip is fuller, Use this trick on the upper lip only.

7. Don’t forget to finish it up with a concealer.

To make your lipstick pop, Use a thin brush to cover up the outer line of your lips. This will serve two purposes. First of all, it will fix any mistakes you made while lining your lips and secondly, this will make the color of your lipstick pop out!