If You Think It Is A Wedding Dress, You Will Be Left Perplexed Too


Wedding dress cake-Weddings are one of the most important milestones of a person’s lifetime, and everyone wants their wedding to be a memorable experience. For the bride, this means finding the perfect wedding dress that makes her look like a million bucks. No one wants to buy the same, off-the-rack dress and aspires to wear something that is uniquely them, be it a custom-designed gown or a family heirloom. The same goes for choosing a wedding dress cake that needs careful consideration as it should be yummy and visually-appealing and artistic, all at the same time.

Life-size wedding dress cake

Wedding dress cake

But what if you could solve both these problems in one go? Emma Jayne Morris thought the same and came with the idea that is absolutely wonderful. A professional baker and a real artistic soul, she has designed a wedding cake that is in the shape of a wedding gown!

The inspiration came from a gown called ‘Angela’ by Filipino fashion designer Mak Tumang. Generally, copying someone work and selling it by your name is undoubtedly illegal but in this case, there was no such thing as the product was edible and not meant to last long.

If you love haute couture fashion as much as you love your desserts, this cake is tailor-made for you. Standing 6 feet in length, the cake dress is way heavier than it looks. Made of 132 pounds of fondant, Morris used 110 pounds of modeling paste to add the decorative flowers to the dress.

Even though it is a bit hard to believe but Morris actually baked it right inside her home, and it took her ten days to create this masterpiece. Thank god that her front doors were wide enough to take the cake out of her home! She transported the dress cake from her home to the show with the help of six other people.

Showcased at London’s Cake International, a trade show that recognizes the most artistic bakers and gives them a chance to exhibit their imaginative creations. Morris states, “We were asked to choose a wedding dress designer and make a wedding dress cake based on one of the wedding dresses. I was asked to make the only life-size wedding dress and chose Mak Tumang as his designs stopped me in my tracks. They are simply incredible.”

The icing on the cake was that the designer Mak Tumang himself dropped by at the show and posed with Morris and her masterpiece cake for the shutterbugs. He looked delighted and how can you not when your creation inspires such delicious artwork?