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These types of rings can be used for an anniversary of your first date, when you first got together, or your marriage anniversary. An anniversary band is a wedding band, just given on an anniversary, not on your wedding day. There are so many different styles for these types of rings, narrowing it down is the hardest part! If you are just dating, then we suggest something slightly simpler with a small amount or no Diamonds at all. If you are married, it is usually a good idea to get something that matches her engagement ring and wedding band. Most couples opt for a simple gold stacking ring or a matching set for him and her.

Some women like to have the anniversary ring set right next to their engagement ring and band, making an almost entire large ring in one. Now, this only really works if they are looking well together. Other women wear it on the other hand or another finger along with their diamond engagement ring bands. One very popular design for the anniversary ring is the “3 stone ring”, which became popular when DeBeers first introduced it 10-20 years ago. Many couples choose this ring because to them, the three stones represent “past, present, and future.” And that is exactly the way DeBeers marketed this design. It worked so well, people continue to purchase this style. Alternately, the ring can symbolize “friendship, love, and fidelity.”  Now “Diamonds” are usually representative of the 60th and 75th anniversary, but during these modern times are given no matter what anniversary it is for you.

Five stone anniversary rings are also a popular style. Five stone rings can represent five years in a relationship, whether a marriage or not. The 5 year period is a very common time to give an anniversary ring.

Another popular style for anniversary rings is using a gemstone. Some choose the birthstone; others just choose a gemstone or color their significant other really likes.

A big question we hear is when do you give an anniversary ring. Do you give it after the first year or fifty years?! The most popular year we see the anniversary ring given is for the 10 years. This tends to be an important milestone in any relationship and is the perfect time to give this as a gift. However, with Diamonds and jewelry, in general, being very popular, any year is a great year to give an anniversary ring.

One other question that is asked quite a bit is the average budget you should spend on an anniversary ring. This is normally based on the number of years you have been married. Of course the longer you have been married, the more you would want to spend on the anniversary ring. It also depends on how she will wear it. If wearing it alone, you could get by with any sort of design. But if she would want to wear it along with her engagement ring, that might require a custom design, which would of course cost more to create.

The information here should provide you with enough detail that you can find the perfect anniversary ring for your significant other.