In the early 2000s, V-neck t-shirts were everywhere. If you were alive at that time, you know what we mean! Guys of all ages were wearing them for any occasion, from casual Fridays to raving Saturday nights.

However, in recent years the debate of whether a V-neck is still a staple in a man’s wardrobe has become really heated. One camp vehemently defends these tees, and the other says it’s time to forget them. Forever.

So which one is it? Are V-neck shirts a thing of the past? Let’s dive in and see if you should retire them or wear them proudly.

A short history lesson 

Compared to other staple men’s wardrobe items, V-necks have not been around for too long and first saw the light of day in the 1960s (the classic t-shirt dates to the 19th century).

In the 40s and 50s, thanks to the popularity among the military guys and famous Hollywood bad boys like James Deans, crewneck tees grew in popularity and started to be worn on their own. Capitalizing on that and the post-war industrial boom, the garment companies decided to expand their t-shirt offer with new colors and designs.

Welcome, V-necks! They were introduced as an undergarment that, unlike crewnecks, didn’t have an annoying visible collar. The guys only wore them under sweaters and shirts at first, so the V-neck avoided creating a division. But not for long.

V-neck boom 

Breaking the traditional t-shirt rules, V-necks quickly grew out of the undergarment status and became very popular among guys who wanted to look more stylish and modern.

That’s where the clashes with traditionalists started. Younger guys adopted the V-neck much quicker than older generations, and with some exceptions, the trend remains the same to this day. It truly raises the question of whether all the arguments are not really about the clothes…

So why do guys love a V-neck, besides it being the cooler, younger brother of a crew tee? It works very well for shorter men, as it makes one appear less boxy and adds a bit of height to the appearance.

It also complements men with rounder and wider faces by making a face seem longer and more angular.

V-neck today, yes or no? 

In our humble opinion, the answer is an absolute no. V-neck is too versatile and works perfectly with various outfits and many occasions to be dismissed. The only question is whether it works for you.

Trends and fashion should be a guideline and an advisor, but you, the wearer, make the final decision if something looks good on you.

So you should forsake neither crewnecks nor V-necks but instead opt to have a few options for different occasions and more exciting looks.

If you’re still on a fence, consider this. Wearing a V-neck always creates an impression that you’ve put in an effort as crewnecks sometimes can be just too…regular!

Last words for V-neck t-shirt

Listen, we know, getting out of your comfort zone is hard. And all those jokes about bros in V-necks don’t help.

But if you follow just a few simple rules, you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of your life!

Choose a V-neck with a shallow V and leave the deep cuts on Ibiza where they belong. As says, the too-deep V gave the cut a bad rap during its early-2000s heyday, but today’s V-neck is typically cut higher, and it isn’t trying quite so hard.

Secondly, always get high-quality V-neck t-shirts such as the endless options from Fresh Clean Tees that will maintain their shape even after multiple wears and washes. And get the right fit! Neither oversized nor super tight is an excellent look for everyone. Check out their selection here:

Lastly, embrace the versatility and outfit choices it offers. Here are some ideas.

With a blazer

This can become your go-to uniform for every day: denim trousers, a nice V-neck, and your favorite blazer. Casual yet still put together and stylish.

With tailored trousers

A V-neck tee works so well with tailored chinos or wool trousers. Add leather sneakers or classic Oxford shoes to complete the outfit.

With a suit

If the event you’re attending doesn’t have a super strict dress code, go ahead and swap the dress shirt with a V-neck tee. Trust us. You’ll look so much more stylish. Think Justin Theroux vibes.