See What The Illustrator Creates Artwork That Might Haunt Your Broken Heart


Art that haunts your broken heart-Well, in this modern world we must give preference to the talent and the hard work by the people. Do not compare everything with the money. It is because money will not buy you everything. Instead of this, you must take care if you appreciate the work of other people or not. Well, one thing that we can say even you should not feel jealous of others doing their perfect job.

Maybe you might be good at another thing such that they do not even know anything about it. So it is better to develop some unique style of your to create surreal and enigmatic illustrations so that it might reflect the most intense and comprehensible feelings that may haunt the heart of others who suffer or have already suffered for their love.

Here we are with an excellent example of the Turkish, Istanbul-based illustrator Aykut Aydoğdu who is unique in his style. In his artwork, he has considered the female figure on the top. Through the nature of the female, he has studied and drawn to express the different elements of life. Well, I think you will appreciate his beauty of doing things in the right and proper way.

It seems that the picture gives the illusion that as the women believe what said to them in the same way she is crying by not able to see the hidden things behind the covering of the clouds. Well, I think it is the precise description of the women nature. It is the artwork to incredibly describe something like that.

Art that haunts your broken heart

This is the one art that haunts your broken heart. We know that the color of the roses is red. Along with that, we also know that the relationship colors is the definition through red. But we cannot even ignore that the shade of the blood is also red. Well, here through the drawing by the famous artist one thing that we want to say is to be with the right people in case of a relationship. It is because a link may even kill many of the people.

The next one is exactly what we want to define the life of human beings. Well, human beings are the one who comes into the talks of others very quickly. They believe someone no matter to them if the person standing in front of them is smart or not. It seems as if there is some cloth piece that is hiding the truth from them which is essential for them to know.

Well, the picture below describes the life of those who don’t care for the life of others. It is right to say that humans are not less than animals. They are in the race to earn money and hence move around to ruin the lives of other people. They do not care for others well being.

In the picture below we can see the flowers, a lady, and one hand which seems as if it is of some man. Do you think a bit to find what the picture is trying to depict for you here? Well, one thing that we understand is girls are still not secure in the world from men.

Look at the red face of the girl hidden behind the string of flowers. Seeing from the surface, we find that the herbs are soothing, but then you never see the hidden things behind that. Also, look at the blood-red tears of the girl moving through her face.

See what the lust make someone do the rubbish things such that they even can kill the person to whom once they say are in a relationship.

I think you must have guessed that what the creator wants to show you with his creation of the next picture with division into two faces. One shows the darker side of human beings and the other one is the fact that we see or that they show us.

Here we see what a human brain thinks at the one time. We can never know what is going on inside the minds at a particular time instant.