Beginner’s Yoga Guide For A Toned Belly And Back


Yoga Guide-The best workout is the one that you’re going to do. Many brushes aside the idea of yoga for fitness because it doesn’t get us sweating like running on a treadmill does. Which is why many of us start out with cardio because we believe that it burns more calories and isn’t that the point? NO. That is not the point. Sure, yoga doesn’t burn as many calories, but it does much more than that.

Yoga benefits your body, mind, and soul. Physically, it strengthens your muscles, increases body flexibility, improves blood circulation, keeps the body oxygenated and helps burn that stubborn body fat. Mentally, it calms your nerves, improves your concentration and brings you peace overall. If you are a beginner then you need yoga guide so there you go.

Look At Beginner’s Yoga Guide

Yoga Guide


How Yoga Benefits You

Yoga Guide

Beginner’s yoga Guide-Yoga is a complete mind and body workout in itself. Stretching is an integral part of yoga it opens up air channels of your body to allow proper breathing which calms your nerves. The various poses in yoga heal your body internally through stretching and strengthening. Adequate practice for yoga every day has the power to relieve your stress, body tension, improve your digestion and liver and kidney function, and much more.

Also, it helps to shed extra pounds on your body. Yoga can be a replacement for gym workouts to maintain your body weight and to melt away the stored fats from your body, in a very healthy way. Different yoga poses different target parts of your body if your aim is spot reduction. It is a slow and efficient method.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose targets on toning up your stomach, while improving your flexibility and posture as well.

  1. Start by lying flat on your stomach and stretching out your arms and legs.
  2. Then, Inhaling deeply, you need to arch your back and lift your upper body while keeping your lower body grounded on the floor.
  3. Stay in this pose for 15-30 seconds and release. (depending on how long you’re able to hold).
  4. Repeat this 5 times.

Bow Pose

This pose stretches your front body while improving your posture and strengthening your back muscles.

  1. Start by lying flat on your stomach with hands relaxed on either side.
  2. While inhaling slowly, bend your knees bringing your heels towards your buttocks.
  3. Now, raising your upper body, let your hands reach out to hold your ankles.
  4. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.
  5. Slowly come back to the starting position gradually while exhaling.
  6. Repeat this 5 times.

Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is one complete body workout in itself as it includes 12 poses. The pose targets and stretches the muscles of your entire body leaving you strong and energized throughout the day. It also helps in improving your blood circulation, oxygen flow in the body and acts as a detox for your body.

  1. Stand with your feet together and lift your arms and as you exhale, join your palms in front of your chest.
  2. As you inhale, raise your arms and stretch backward.
  3. Exhaling, bend forward and try to touch your knees with your forehead.
  4. Stretch your right leg backward while your palms are placed on the floor and stretch your left leg, inhale.
  5. Holding your breath, bring your left foot back along with the right foot and hold the pose.
  6. As you come down on the floor, hold your spine out and let your chin, chest, and knees touch the floor, exhale.
  7. Inhaling, stretch and bend backward with your hands on the floor.
  8. Exhale and lean forward while lifting your tailbone.
  9. Bring your right foot forward while inhaling.
  10. Then bring your left foot in.
  11. Inhale deeply and stretch back from your waist.
  12. Return to starting position and exhale.