Studio apartment, a well-known solo-room unit in the west, is quickly grasping up in the real estate of India. Also referred to as studio flats, efficiency apartments or bachelor-style flats, in India they are the same with a one-room-kitchen residence. A studio apartment consists of a single large room that performs numerous functions of a living room-cum-dining area-cum-bedroom and a kitchenette, apart from for a separate bathroom.

The rise in demand for a studio apartment in Bangalore, India

Young professionals and students are not the only ones influencing the requirement for studio apartments. Families too are discovering it simple to give up living in 1 and 2 BHK houses. Besides being affordable, these compact houses provide the benefit of minimal maintenance. The cash saved in selecting a studio apartment can be spent into well-designed, smart, furnishings, which can make staying in these houses more convenient, comfortable, and satisfying.

The enhanced demand among families for these residences also comes as a result of the vanishing of the joint family structure. At present, most families comprise three to four members, and a studio apartment is perfect for families with young children, that is saving money for the future. Living in these apartments makes it simpler for families to live within a budget, as it is more skilled, and raises lower utility bills. Also, there are several who move out of their mansions, leave their families behind in villages to work in larger cities and make a living. For them, a reasonable budget home, together with contemporary amenities, are more than adequate to live in a city.
For young millennials who are on the move constantly, residing in a home that is the size of a hotel room, offers their requirements perfectly. They tend to switch homes and jobs more often and are always looking out for something better – a home nearer to their office.

All these have increased the rising demand for a resale flats in bangalore.

Real estate developers offer resale flats in Bangalore that provide high-tech solutions

Developers now are searching at building properties that have a fast turnaround in regards to sales. By offering studio apartments or compact houses, they are allowing people to access homes in premium locations. These new-age homes are experiencing a hurry of mid-level salaried employees, who eagerly prioritize location over space. Most of the developers are also eager to providing high-tech solutions and making use of each inch of room competently to attract buyers. The designs are extremely functional, with sliding doors, a folding bed, mirrors, and higher ceilings on the wall that create a delusion of space.

Of late, there has been a huge shift in trends in the housing market. A blend of factors, such as monetary, social and economic drives a buyer towards a studio apartment in Bangalore. Today, having one’s personal house within the city is regarded as magnificence for numerous residents, instead of possessing a larger apartment in the communities.

A rush is also there in the interest in renting or buying studio apartments in larger cities, where rents and development costs have influence in current years. With a constant rise in property costs all through India and a crunch in the presence of space in each city, it appears like studio apartments are here to continue

Advantages of staying in a studio apartment

  • Smart living: If you are modest as much as your option for a home is concerned, then the studio apartment is the most excellent bet. With inventive room partitions and smart space-saving home décor strategies, you can add a delicate grace to your home. Some apartments even have half dividing walls.
  • Perfect for bachelors: Bachelors, retired individuals or students who spend very little time at home can choose a studio apartment. Even working professionals who are searching for economical accommodation in another city on a provisional basis should go for studio apartments.
  • Pocket-friendly: The price of a studio apartment is quite low as compared to a standard apartment. Minimum furnishings and lower utility bills guarantee an affordable cost of maintenance. Consequently, the maintenance of studio flats proves to be stress-free.
  • Easy to adorn and maintain: As a studio flat has a smaller space as compared to a full-fledged apartment, you will find it simpler to furnish, decorate and maintain. And for this reason, you will also save time and effort. If you will have a smaller space then you will also not need much furniture and this will help you to save money. All that you need to purchase is a few worth pieces of furniture that will last for several moves to come. Also, you get the chance to be more creative with your studio apartment. You can be unique in styling and decorating your small space to make it look brighter, larger, chic and less confined. In short, you can decorate easily, furnish and maintain your studio apartment saving a lot of your money, time, and effort.
  • Chance to de-clutter: If you are planning to move into small resale flats in Bangalore or 1 bhk for rent in bangalore, you will be forced to declutter your present home. Declutter home has a great advantage. You can save the moving cost as you will have a few essential items to move. Also, you can pack a few items easily in less time for moving. Moving with a few items will make your life a lot simpler and trouble-free on your move.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient: With a studio apartment, you will be a more accountable individual toward the environment. Smaller space will assist you to save money on utility costs. You will consume less energy to light up a tiny space. Plus, you will need less energy and time to keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will result in lesser carbon emissions by energy sources. If you are concerned about the environment then moving into a studio apartment will be a perfect step toward lessening your carbon emissions.

There are incredible benefits of moving into a studio apartment. If you are planning to move to a new home or looking to purchase your own home, then you can think about a studio apartment, to get all the benefits discussed above.