Bitcoin has been around for a while now and it has understandably been making waves.

After all, what kind of investment lets you enjoy triple-digit returns in under a decade?

And because of this, we’ve seen how investors have flooded into the market as they try to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet crypto.

But what if you could earn Bitcoins without having to fork out tens of thousands of dollars?

And no, this is not a scam… Everything’s perfectly legitimate and legal

So how does one get to earn Bitcoins this way? What’s the answer?

Bitcoin faucets

Simply put, Bitcoin or crypto faucets are platforms that pay out a small quantity of cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for completing a specific set of tasks.

You’ve probably guessed by its name that crypto faucets don’t exactly pay out a whole lot of Bitcoins. Most faucets offer payouts of about 7 Satoshis on average with 1 Satoshi being worth about 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

Realistically speaking, you shouldn’t expect to become a crypto millionaire overnight with these faucets. Crypto faucets were originally intended to introduce newcomers to the world of crypto by gifting them with small quantities of cryptocurrencies.

And from here, newcomers would be able to learn more about how cryptocurrencies worked and maybe even be encouraged to spread the word about them.

Nowadays, many have taken to farming crypto faucets as a way to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free.

While time-consuming, this is actually a fairly legitimate way to earn Bitcoins for free. Most of the time, Bitcoin faucets require that you sign up for an account and complete a few basic tasks.

These can range from answering a survey, watching a video or some advertisements, or playing games.

Get paid in Bitcoins by playing games

If you’re a crypto enthusiast and a gamer, you’d be pleased to know that some game developers will pay you in Bitcoins when you play their game.

Oftentimes, mobile game developers are on the lookout for playtesters, and this is why they offer Bitcoin payments to attract new players.

This is also an excellent way to advertise a new game and will help developers build up a cult following.

But before you get started, here are a few things that you should have:

  1. A Bitcoin wallet

As you’ll be earning Bitcoins, you need a crypto wallet to keep your earnings safe and sound. Crypto wallets are free-to-use and convenient but just be sure to pick the right one. Check out our guide here to choosing the right Bitcoin wallet.

  1. A smartphone

Next, you’ll need a relatively decent smartphone if you want to play games. Don’t worry you won’t need a powerhouse of a phone. One with enough processing power to play simple games will do.

And now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at the best Bitcoin games you can play in 2021.

  1. Bitcoin Alien Run

Fans of games like Temple Run and Mario will love this 2D runner game.

In Bitcoin Alien Run, you’ll step into the shoes of Daniel D’Alien and guide him through a maze of increasingly challenging puzzles.

Bitcoin Alien Run offers unique daily challenges that reward you with BTC upon successful completion. With fun, well-made levels, and intuitive gameplay, Bitcoin Alien run lets you grind for Bitcoins while you have a great time.

As an added plus, Bitcoin Alien Run is entirely free-to-play and does not feature any pay-to-win or freemium-style mechanics.

Available for iOS and Android, you don’t want to miss out on what Bitcoin Alien Run has to offer you.

  1. Spark Profit

Do you live, breathe, and dream about the crypto market? Do you fancy yourself as something of an expert on the crypto market?

Well, if you answered yes, then Spark Profit is most definitely the game for you. Spark Profit is a trading and speculation game that challenges you to predict trends in various money markets.

Plot market movements and get rewarded for it in Spark Profit. The more accurate your predictions, the more Bitcoins that you stand to earn from Spark Profit.

Having been around since 2013, Spark Profit claims to have paid out more than $500,000 to its 100,000 user base so far. So if you enjoy the thrill of the money market, then Spark Profit is most definitely the game for you.

Available on both PC, tablet, and mobile devices, you can play Spark Profit wherever you are.

  1. CropBytes

If you’ve been a fan of games like SimCity or FarmVille, then CropBytes is definitely the game for you.

Put your love of farming to use by growing crops, rearing farm animals, and trading your farm produce for money. Use that money to reinvest in your farm and turn those profits into crypto that you can actually collect.

With its solid game mechanics and sophisticated economy, CropBytes is a great way to have fun while you earn crypto.

CropBytes is available on PC, iOS, and Android devices.

  1. Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz is a web-based trivia game that rewards you for answering questions from a variety of different categories. From movies to brands and historical events, Satoshi Quiz will surely push your intellectual capacity and general knowledge to the very limit.

In order to win Bitcoin, you first need to sign up for a Satoshi Quiz account and be amongst the first 3 players to correctly answer a question within the time limit. Prize money is then paid out on a per-tier basis to the players.

Be careful with your answers though as you only get 10 lives per hour and for every answer you get wrong, life will be deducted.

  1. Coin Hunt World

Remember the craze of Pokémon GO all those years back, well Coin Hunt World (CHW) offers you the same addictive gameplay with a totally different reward.

Rather than hunting for Pokémon, CHW puts you on the hunt for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

CHW is a geo-location game that gets you off your feet and into the great outdoors just like you would a real-life treasure hunt.

Available on both iOS and Android, the only downside to CHW is the amount of time you need to spend playing it to actually earn cryptos.

Closing Thoughts

Bitcoin games are a great way to gamify the hunt for cryptocurrencies. If you want to find more than the ones listed you can simply visit Tezro and check their more in-depth analysis:

Just remember to pace yourself and take regular breaks when playing.