You’ve designed your website via WordPress and it’s looking really sharp. The navigation is intuitive, the color scheme is crisp and the content is rich and informative. The analytics are displaying a steady uptick and the SEO is strong. It’s getting to the point where your web page is registering significantly during Google searches.

Next comes the question that so often proves a stumbling block even to some of the finest websites – how to monetize the product. With so many voices being heard across the world wide web, registering with an audience can be the biggest challenge facing a newly-started website. Sometimes, even when you’re producing quality content on a daily basis, it can feel as though you are shouting into a void.

Getting eyeballs on your site, creating a steady flow of traffic, is vital to making that web page work for you. In this regard, have you considered approaching an online sports betting site to be a partner as a sponsor or an advertiser? Take a look at Onlinesportsbetting, for instance, and you’ll get a feel for how rapidly the burgeoning expanse of these online sports betting sites is taking hold.

All you have to do today is watch a sporting event to gain an idea of how popular the online sports betting industry is becoming in mainstream society. Top British soccer teams such as West Ham United have a deal in place with the online betting site Betway to serve as their primary shirt sponsor.

As sports betting grows across the USA, all of the major professional leagues and many of the teams in those leagues are partnering with major betting sites. Bally’s has gone as far as to team up with television broadcaster Sinclair to rebrand all of the Fox Sports regional sports networks as Bally Sports. There are 20 sports stations in the Bally Sports Network.

“We designed it that way with [betting] in mind, so that we could eventually insert propositions or betting lines or predictive gaming [elements] easily,” Bally Sports executive vice-president Michael Connelly explained to

Saturation advertising of these online betting sites is everywhere. It’s a highly competitive industry and sites are offering significant bonus opportunities to attract new customers all of the time, so they want to get that message out to the masses.

There are three methods through which you can attract an online sports betting site to advertise on your web page.

Create Content That People Want To Read

Like that famous saying from the movie Field Of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. If you come up with a website that is proving to be popular with readers and is capable of drawing steady traffic numbers that are grading highly in SEO, then potential advertisers will come looking for you.

It doesn’t really matter all that much what the topic of your website might be. Certainly, if you are a sports-oriented web page, that will make the marriage to a betting site as advertiser or sponsor appear more seamless or natural. But you could be writing about gardening, home decor, or auto repair, it doesn’t matter. If you’re producing a following on the world wide web, advertisers will come knocking.

Online sports betting is a growth industry and they are constantly seeking out avenues to get their message out to the general public.

Generate A Social Media Following

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok – wherever you are able to generate an impressive following among the social media audience, those are numbers that are immediately attractive to potential advertisers.

The popularity of your web page can be leveraged to garner interest from advertisers. This is how YouTube and Instagram influencers are created. If you are producing a product that people want, then advertisers will be anxious to get in on that action.

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Growing An Email List

If your site happens to be one that is selling a product, whether that be through online sales or memberships to your web page, then you are gathering a potential list of customers that could see the value in joining an online betting site for a little recreational fun.

The more names on that email list, the more chance you’ll have to attract a betting site to want to be part of your web page.