3 Weeks Plank Exercise That Will Bring Perfection In Your Body By Beating Belly Fats


Exercise to get the perfect belly-Well, if you hold your body down in the plank position, then it means you are to strengthen your body with the core that is the functioning of the muscle to connect lower and the upper body. The plank exercise is best to tone the abs, arms, legs, hips and thus it would help you in to improve the position of the body by maintaining its balance. If you are the new one to plank, then you should start the exercise with a short period and then plan to take the longer breaks after that.

Hence it is essential to keep up the work every day such that it will ensure you with the best results.

Here we are with the set of exercises that will last for twenty-one days or the three weeks. The work is with a detailed explanation for you. Hence you need to join it to improve the health conditions of your body. It will turn better.

Here is the best exercise to get the perfect belly

Best exercise to get the perfect belly in 3 weeks

Hence the action you need to perform is not that difficult. With the rising time, you need to increase the duration of the exercise. It is the best alternative to other activities. Hence you also need to ensure yourself with the proper rest and do not overload your body with it. Thus doing the exercise step by step can progress you in your work.

For week one start performing the exercise for twenty to sixty seconds.

For week two, increase the time from sixty to ninety seconds in one go.

For week three, you need to improve the time conditions with ninety to one hundred twenty seconds.

Week 1

Plank is the best exercise to get the perfect belly. You need to start your activity day with the forearm plank. You need to lie and place the forearm on the mat in a way such that your elbows aligned below the shoulders. Arms must always be parallel to the body, and it must be about the shoulder width away with the distance. Now clasp your hands to provide comfort and keep your neck and spine straight, and eyes must be looking on the floor in one spot. It must be somewhere that is about thirty centimeters before the hands. Pay attention to yourself in a way such that your head is in one line with the back.

Now you might be feeling comfortable with the forearm plank for a while. And now it is the time for single-leg plank. You need to lift your one leg towards the sky in a way you will feel comfortable. It will increase the load on the core. Now perform it with the alternate leg. Now it’s time to end up the exercise after one week, and you need to increase the time with thirty seconds gradually.

Week 2

It is your standard plank to start the second week. You need to put hands under the shoulders and the toes on the floor. Now try to stabilize your body. Now it comes to your spine and the neck to keep it straight. Your head is in line with your back. Now try to hold on the posture for at least ten seconds. Now try to bend down your right elbow. And then it is the turn for the left elbow. After holding the position for sixty to ninety seconds come back to your original post.

Week 3

Now it is the turn for dolphin plank. It is to provide your strength and then tone the cores. It has inspired the yoga most. After you start with the forearm plank with a V shape lift your hips moving toward the ceiling. Preheat the steps at least fifteen times. And thus you have completed your task with perfection on time. Try to hold on the position for at least ninety seconds and more. These twenty-one days will bring fulfillment into your body. I am sure after this step; planking will turn to be your favorite exercise.

So, are you ready for twenty-one days challenge in the future? Here we plan to make you prepared for the same.