Easy Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat.


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Best exercises to reduce belly fat. Let’s all admit that we all want our bodies to look perfect and our tummy to look flat! Irrespective of whether you are a girl or a boy, You wish to see yourself with a flat tummy.

This is because flat tummy not only looks pleasing but also tells people that you are a fitness freak and you like to keep your body in good shape. Having a flat stomach indicates others about your healthy lifestyle as well.

And what the best part is about the flat tummy is that you can wear your favourite outfits without any fear of looking chubby and out of shape. Girls who have a flat tummy can easily throw in a crop top and flaunt their figure.

Now the question comes whether getting a flat tummy is an easy task or not? The answer to this is that it indeed is an easy task. You need to be a little bit disciplined and exercise regularly.

Even if you don’t follow a very strict diet, make sure to burn whatever you eat by exercising regularly. In this way, you’ll not struggle later with your belly fat.

So, if you are a beginner, here are a few easy exercises which will help you flatten your tummy. Have a look:

Best exercises to reduce belly fat.

Easy Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat.

#1 Plank

This is the most basic abdomen exercise which will tone your lower abdomen muscles.

The correct way to do it:

  • Lie down on the floor with your stomach facing the ground.
  • Lift yourself up and bend your elbows.
  • Put your entire weight on your forearms.
  • Make sure that your entire body is in a straight line and don’t bend your waist.
  • Draw your stomach in and try to hold it in that position only.
  • Try to hold this position for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • You can increase the amount of time as you practice regularly.
  • Repeat this ten times a day and see the magic.

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#2 Side Plank

This is similar to the plank in the fact that it tones your abdomen muscles and helps you to get a proper physique.

The correct way to do it:

  • Lie down on the ground and turn to your right side.
  • Make sure that your legs are straight and your left leg is resting on your right one.
  • Bend your right elbow and lift yourself up. Lift your knees and hips up to form a vertical angle with the ground.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can and then come back to normal position.
  • Flip to the other side and similarly repeat this process.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times a day.

#3 Crunches

This one is the most effective of all exercises to burn belly fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Lie down on the ground with your stomach facing the ceiling.
  • Let your hands rest on your head and fold your knees. Keep them together and place your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight.
  • Now lift the upper part of your body and bring it towards your knees.
  • Breathe in when you lift yourselves up and breathe out when you go back to your original position.
  • Initially, do 20 crunches at a time, and you can go on increasing as you progress.
  • Repeat this 10-15 times a day for effective results.

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#4 Twisted crunches

This is the modified version of the basic crunch. It will help you burn belly fat faster.

The correct way to do it:

  • Start as you started with the basic crunch.
  • Take the same position.
  • The difference here is when you will lift yourself up, twist your stomach to your right side. This will make your left shoulder turn towards your right knee.
  • Repeat this for the Right shoulder as well by twisting your stomach to your left side.
  • Do this 15 times in a day for effective results.

#5 Reverse crunch

Another addition to the crunch family that will help you reduce belly fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Lie down on the ground with your stomach facing the ceiling.
  • Keep your spine straight and place your hands under your head.
  • Keep your legs straight and together.
  • Now, lift your legs up to form a 90-degree angle with the ground. While you do this, lift your upper body up and keep it in that position.
  • Hold this for a few seconds and then lower your legs.
  • Make sure not to bring them so low that they touch the ground.
  • When your legs are about to touch the ground, lift them up again.
  • Repeat this at least 15 times in a day.

#6 Tummy twist.

Again, one more exercise to help you reduce belly fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Sit on the ground with your legs crossed.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Place your right hand on the hip and left the hand on the right knee.
  • Inhale deeply and twist your tummy towards the right side.
  • Exhale and return to normal position.
  • Do the same on the left side.
  • Repeat 15 times a day.

#7 Bicycle

This exercise will crunch your stomach to the point where you won’t see belly fat anymore.

The correct way to do it:

  • Lie on the floor with your back straight and your stomach facing the ceiling.
  • Place your hands on the back of your head.
  • Keep both of your legs together and then lift them up.
  • Now, slightly lift your upper body as well.
  • Bend one of your knees and keep your other leg straight, lifted above the ground.
  • Now switch your leg and do this with another leg as well.
  • Repeat this 15 times a day.

#8 Side to side bend

This will reduce your belly fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Stand up on the floor and keep your knees straight and legs together.
  • Keep both of your hands on your waist.
  • Bend your body to your right side, without bending your knees.
  • While you do that, raise your left hand up and bend it towards the right side without bending your elbow.
  • Stretch your body as much as you can.
  • Repeat this on the other side as well.
  • Do this 15 times a day for quick results.