6 Basic Fat Burning Exercises Are Best For The Beginners


Exercises to burn fat-Most of the people quit the gym within the first three months of their joining. It happens because many people have unrealistic expectations while they start the gym. People are less knowledgable to do a particular exercise to achieve their goals.

Here we have brought some fat-burning exercises which are perfect for the beginners. After you learn and practice these exercises, you can increase the repetitions and the intensity.


6 Exercises to burn fat

How to perform it:

  1. Place your forearms on the ground in the way that your elbows get placed under your shoulders. Your both forearms should be parallel to each other.
  2. Lift your body in the position to push up.

You have to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

Push-ups are the exercises to burn fat

How to perform them:

  1. You have to lie down on your all fours. Keep your palms shoulder-width apart. Rest down your palms on the floor.
  2. Straight your legs and arms.
  3. Now lower down your body as a result of which your chest comes near to the floor.
  4. Push back your body.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Reverse crunches

How to perform them:

  1. You have to lie on your back and then put your hands at your sides by touching your palms touching the floor.
  2. Bend your knees towards your side and lift your leg. Your hips and butts should lie on the ground.
  3. Push your legs more towards the ceiling. With this push, your buttocks should come off the ground.
  4. Lower down your legs but do not rest your feet on the ground.

We recommend the beginners to perform this exercise for three sets of 10 reverse crunches.

Bicycle crunches

How to perform them:

  1. You have to lie on the ground and rest down your hands by your sides.
  2. Interlock the fingers and put them behind your head.
  3. You have to lift your right leg in such a way that your thighs become perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Lift your shoulder and turn down your body in the way that your left elbow touches the right knee.
  5. Straight up the right leg and bend down your left leg. Now rotate your body in such a way that your right elbow touches the left knee.

Do this process seven times for each leg.

The Russian twist

How to perform them:

  1. Slightly bend down your knees and lie down on the floor.
  2. In front of you, extend your arms and clasp your palms together. It is the starting position for doing this exercise.
  3. Hold down your torso for three seconds by rotating them to the right side. After holding them, return to the starting position.
  4. Now rotate the torso to the left side and again hold them for three seconds.

Do it for seven times for each side.

Mountain climbers

How to perform them:

  1. Bring your body to the plank position.
  2. Under your chest, move your right knee so that your toes are off to the ground.
  3. Now return to the plank position and do the same with the left leg. You have to perform this exercise as fast as you can do.

Do it for one minute.

Bonus: Morning exercises vs. Evening exercises

We can exercise in the morning as well as in the evening. Both the timings of the day have their pros and cons.

Advantages of a morning workout:

  • It helps yo speed up the loss of weight and also boosts up your energy level.
  • You can get more sunlight which is very important to set your body’s internal circadian rhythm.

Disadvantages of a morning workout:

  • In the morning, many of us feel sluggish and even skip the workouts.
  • The body can also feel stiff in the morning.

Advantages of evening workout:

  • According to research studies, we exercise harder in the evening. So you can lose more fat in the evening.
  • The researchers have also found that if we exercise 1.5 hours before bedtime, we asleep faster and wake up less at night.

Disadvantages of evening workout:

  • Because of our busy schedule, we may not get enough time to exercise.
  • You may feel too much tired after your long workday.