Here Is How You Can Use These 18 Things In Different Ways For Amazing Results


Life hacks-Sometimes, a bit of creativity in using ordinary, daily objects may make your life infinitely easier. We bring you some extraordinary hacks to make the best out of everyday objects.

Best life hacks to organize things

  1. Shower caps are an excellent way to store a pair of shoes in your luggage without getting anything dirty.            Best life hacks to organize things
  2. To make sure that all your metallic bathroom knick-knacks stay in one place, use a magnetic strip.
  3. If a jar lid is too tight to open, you can use a tablespoon to pry it open.
  4. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of unwashed clothes from your luggage, just put an open bar of soap with them.                             
  5. If you do not want to lose the end of a roll of tape, stick a paperclip.
  6. An egg carton serves as an excellent storage for small trinkets.
  7. Instead of spending a moolah in the saloon, you can do a French manicure at home using an elastic band.
  8. A file holder is a great way to store too many cans.
  9. If you want to quickly sharpen your scissors, cut a few aluminium foils.
  10. Instead of a professional car service, use some toothpaste to polish the car headlights.

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  11. Using towel hooks, you can secure your tablet on the wall to enable you to watch TV shows while washing dishes.                           
  12. If you cut off the top of a plastic package in a strip, it can be used to tie it after use.
  13. A cheese grater can be used to make earrings display.
  14. A nail file can remove small stains from suede shoes.
  15. If you are painting something, use aluminium foil to cover things and not get paint on them.
  16. You can use LEGO pieces to create a cool-looking cable or key holder.
  17. Car spoilers can be used as make-shift tables for eating lunches!
  18. Your graphite pencil can be used as a stylus as the graphite can trigger the capacitive sensors of your touchscreen.