Best ways to curl your hair without using heat-Curling irons and straighteners may seem to be effective in the short run in the fact that they improve the texture and appearance of your hair for a while. But what about the long-term damage it causes to your hair? The heat results in breakage of hair and you’ll ultimately end up with dull and lifeless hair. So why are you being that harsh on your hair?

Here’s a simple way to curl your hair without any heat, Because your hair deserves so much better than you’re giving them!

Natural ways to curl your hair without using heat

To start off, remember that your hair should be damp. If they’re not, then use a spray bottle and slightly wet your hair.

Best ways to curl your hair without using heat

You should have 4-5 socks to tie your hair, which should be in accordance with the length of your hair i.e., the longer your hair, the longer the socks.

Part your hair and start wrapping strands of hair around the socks. At the end, tie a knot.

Repeat this process until all your hair strands are wrapped around the socks.

After you’re done, go to sleep for about 8-10 hours

See the miracle in the morning when you untie the knots!

Check out this video tutorial!!