Are you thinking about buying a boat? Well, it could be crucial in many ways. From choosing the right dealer to inspecting, you need to follow a lot of things. If you are a beginner, we are here to help you out.

You may know that Quintrex is one of the leading boat manufacturers in Australia. They have been producing top-notch models for years. For your first boat buying, Quintrex can be the ideal choice.

Brisbane Yamaha is a reputed dealer and ensures the best quality purchase. For any information regarding boat buying and best deals, Quintrex Frontier packages. In the following, we will know about available packages of Quintrex Frontier.

Why Should You Choose Quintrex?

Before we start with explaining all Quintrex Frontier packages, let’s find out what’s so special with Quintrex. As we noted before, Quintrex is a leading company in Australia as it has been producing high-quality boats since 1945.

This company produces around 30 boats per day and up to 12,000 boats per year. Besides Australia, Quintrex exports the latest models in various countries from Asia, South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Europe.

Best Quintrex Frontier Packages

Quintrex Frontier is an ideal boat for multi-purpose uses. In the following, we will cover all Quintrex Frontier packages that you can purchase. Let’s find out:

  • Quintrex 510 Frontier SC

This is a beautiful boat with a length of 5.08m that is perfect for 5 adults. The weight of this boat is 572 kg. With 115 horsepower and an 85-liter fuel tank, Quintrex 510 ensures top performance.

  • Quintrex 530 Frontier SC

Quintrex 530 is another fantastic model for fishing with a length of 5.33m. The maximum point of horsepower is 140 which is quite impressive. This boat can carry up to 6 adults. Some great features of this boat are rod holders and cockpit lights.

  • Quintrex 550 Frontier SC

With a capacity of 6 people and 140 horsepower, this Quintrex 550 can meet all of your requirements. No matter if you are going on a vacation or fishing, the 98 L fuel tank will give you a worry-free experience.

  • Quintrex 590 Frontier SC

If you are looking for a big boat, then this Quintrex 590 is perfect for you. With a length of 6m, this model has a capacity of carrying 7 people. Moreover, the 98 L fuel tank and 150 hp point ensure you are getting the best experience.

  • Quintrex 630 Frontier SC

Quintrex 630 is another beautiful boat with a length of 6.35 m. The capacity of this model is up to 7 people which is ideal for a vacation boat. With various features and 200 horsepower, it will give a top-notch performance.

  • Quintrex 510 Frontier CC

If you are looking for a frontier boat with center console, check out Quintrex 510. This model is good for fishing with a capacity of 5 people. It has an 85 L fuel tank and a 115 hp maximum point.

  • Quintrex 530 Frontier CC

Quintrex 530 has a length of 5.33m which is great for medium use. In fact, you can use it for family vacations cause it has the capacity of carrying up to 6 people.

  • Quintrex 550 Frontier CC

This beautiful boat can carry up to 6 adults with a length of 5.5m and 2.31 beam. The horsepower is also good with a maximum of 140 and a fuel tank of 98 L.

  • Quintrex 590 Frontier CC

For those who are looking for a big boat with a center console, this is an ideal model. You will get various features with this 5.99 m boat. Plus, it has a good fuel tank capacity of 98 L.

  • Quintrex 630 Frontier CC

This one is huge with a length of 6.35 m. With a maximum of 200 horsepower and a 125 L fuel tank, you will see the top-notch performance of this model. This boat can carry up to 7 adults.

  • Quintrex 630 Frontier Rear CC

Quintrex 630 rear center console is another amazing model that has a length of 6.35m. It can carry up to 6 people and can give a premium performance with 200 hp.

Things to Consider While Buying a Boat

Finally, you know about the best packages of Quintrex Frontier. If you have made your mind to purchase a boat, make sure you are checking the following considering factors.

  • New or Pre-used

If you have a low budget, you can purchase a pre-used boat. Quintrex offers special deals on both new and pre-used models. So, make sure your dealer is sharing information about it. Also, inspect the pre-used model properly before buying.

  • Budget

As we noted above, you need to consider the budget before looking for a boat. There are many accessories you need to purchase with the boat. Moreover, you have to purchase insurance as well. In this case, you can also buy a pre-used model.

  • Capacity

Checking the capacity of the boat is essential, especially when you are going to use it for regular activities. Most Quinttrex Frontiers have a good capacity of 5-7 adults. So, you can easily use it for fishing and regular days activities.

  • Inspection

No matter if you are buying a new or used model, you need to inspect them properly. If you have good knowledge about boats, you can do it by yourself. However, it’s better to hire a professional for inspecting, especially when you are buying a pre-used model.

  • Durability

A reputed company always ensures that the boat is durable for a longer time. Still, you need to make sure if they are providing a good warranty and customer support.


Buying a Quintrex Frontier can give you an exceptional experience. Not just for fishing, you can use this boat for exploring new things, adventures, and vacations. We have shared all information about Quintrex Frontier, make sure you are choosing the right one as per your requirement. For more information, you can contact your dealer.