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Severe damage or complete absence of a tooth negatively affects not only the smile aesthetics but also the functionality of the jaw. If you do not take action for a long time, this will lead to the displacement of the remaining teeth, trauma to the gums, thinning of the bone tissue, and the development of inflammatory processes.

The optimal solution in this situation is dental implants surgery. Let’s look at the main types of implantation and find out what the choice of one of them depends on.

Types of implantation: principles and features

Depending on the number of stages, there are such dental interventions:

  • One-stage or immediate implantation. It involves the implantation of an implant immediately after tooth extraction. If necessary, the procedure is supplemented by bone grafting. One-stage dental implantation saves time. However, you need to understand that with an instant load on the implant, the risk of its rejection increases significantly.
  • Two-stage or classical implantation. This intervention is considered standard and includes the sequential implant installation, abutment, and crown. There is a pause between manipulations. It is required for complete bone healing and implant adaptation.

Only an implantologist can determine the type of manipulation and the number of implants suitable for a particular patient during a preliminary examination and preparation. You can read more about dental implant procedures in Miami at https://dentistdowntownmiami.com/services/dental-implants/.

How many implants can be placed at one time? 

As a rule, implantation of one tooth takes from 20 to 30 minutes. In the absence of severe chronic diseases and other contraindications, four to eight implants can be installed during one visit to the dentist. It saves time and money, as well as reduces the amount of anesthesia and subsequent antibiotics prescribed.

What determines the average cost of dental implants? The price segment of products and the manufacturer primarily affect the check amount. The type of procedure and the number of implants to be implanted also matter. For more information on the best dental implants in Brickell, please visit https://dentistdowntownmiami.com/.


The absence of one or more teeth is no reason to give up the dream of a Hollywood smile. Modern dentistry is ready to help you solve any problems and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

Implantation is one of the effective ways to restore the dentition’s attractiveness and functionality. Please contact qualified implantologists, and they will develop the best treatment strategy for you!