Common Mistakes To Avoid For Growing Your Hair Stronger


Common hair mistakes-Hair is our asset, no doubts. The way we manage them decides a lot about our personality. Be it a birthday party or a marriage ceremony to be attended or just a simple business meeting or shopping at the mall, every occasion needs a perfect hairstyle to be picked up. Rough and unmanageable hair makes it difficult to bring out the best in you.

The strength of your hair also plays a vital role. However, with the passage of time, the effect of pollution and harmful chemicals the quality of hair decreases considerably. Here we discuss six significant issues which lead to hair damage. Avoiding them will certainly boost up the growth of hair and give you stronger than ever hair.

What are the common hair mistakes?


  1. Plethora Of Chemicals

Common hair mistakes

Common hair mistakes applying some hair styling products do not improve the health of your hair, instead of degrading it. The vast amount of chemicals present in them speaks tonnes about making the hair frizz-free, soft and smooth. You will be shocked to know the truth though! It just leaves your hair rough, dry and unmanageable.


 2. The Warmth From External Sources

Using the devices and electronic gadgets is common hair mistakes that because electronic gadgets release warm air or heat to your hair is severely harmful. Stuff like hair dryers, rollers, curlers or hair straighteners damage the hair shaft in due course of time. There is only a limited point up to which our hair can withstand that particular temperature, and after that, the follicles start to damage. That is why it is recommended to stay away from the heat, as much as possible.


 3. Wet Hair Vs. Straightener

Never use a straightener over wet hairs because it will damage your hair strands and leave them rough and unmoisturized. Before using anything for straightening your hair, make sure that your hair is dried well.


 4. The Right Comb And No To Hairfall

On the very first note, make sure that you don’t comb your hair while it is still wet. Also, the full tooth comb is preferred over the fine one because it works well with the frizzy hair. Intake of protein-rich food and eatables rich in Zinc, Biotin, and Vitamins will strengthen your hairs.


5. Using Towel The Wrong Way?

Wrapping the hair in a towel to let it dry is not the correct way to handle your wet hair. Vigorously wiping them off is also quite harmful as it weakens the hair. Moreover, it weakens the hair s=cuticles and makes them frizzy. You may use the dryer on damp hair, but not directly on the wet hair.


6. Shampoo Too Often Or Too Less Often

As we know that shampoos contain harmful chemicals which damages the health of your hair. Using it daily might destroy them to a great extent. Similarly, not washing your hair for a week or so makes them dusty and unmanageable.