Coolsculpting is one of the most revolutionary treatments that cosmetic clinics have been offering for a decade. Having been released to the general public in 2010, the procedure has garnered a reputation for being one of the safest and easiest ways to tone even the body’s hardest to tone places.

There are many reasons why body contouring is such a popular treatment among the residents of the city, but there is something common about all of them: you won’t find these same reasons in any other treatment on the market.

Fat reduction procedures come in all shapes and sizes, but let’s see why this particular one has given the chills to the city that doesn’t sleep.

Faster Than Most

Fat reduction and toning can take a very long time. Whether you choose to burn away excess fat through natural means, like intensive and focused exercising, or through fat reduction treatments, it will take you a long time to go through the process and get your body to the shape that you want it to be.

It’s no secret that it can take up to months of rigorous training and just as much to recover from a fat reduction treatment. But a major advantage that Coolsculpting has over other treatments is how fast it works.

Other fat reduction procedures may take hours for the surgeons to perform, and after that even longer to recover. In fact, it may take months to just heal the scars that were left after the procedure. With Coolsculpting, there is nothing to heal. You’re free to go immediately after the procedure is finished, which itself takes around 40 minutes, which itself is a very short amount of time when compared to other procedures on the market.

With a short procedure like that, you’ll be back home as fast as you arrived at the clinic. And the absolute best part about it is not having to go to the pharmacy to pick up some extra painkillers or vitamins for the scars and gashes. Because there are none that you actually have to worry about. So, it’s a pretty good deal on that front too.

Your Body Works, Not Chemicals

Other forms of fat reduction procedure often deal with some kind of an external form of fat cell damage. This process is called necrosis, where the fat cells are killed off through some kind of an intervention, whether it’s the physical removal of the cells or burning them away with chemicals.

Coolsculpting doesn’t work this way. Instead of opting for necrosis like most other fat reduction procedures, it coaxes the fat cells to destroy themselves through a process called “apoptosis”. Using the power of the cold, Coolsculpting is able to activate this apoptosis mechanism within fat cells, which deactivates them and changes them into a dormant state, where they are packed and scooped up by the body, which absorbs them, successfully removing them from that part of the body.

In the end, the fat cells end up destroying themselves through completely natural means and are just as naturally absorbed by the body. And all that was done in the clinic was the application of the cold which stimulated the cells into doing this. This is as clear as Coolsculpting can get.

This is why the equipment itself is nothing more than several pumps (it’s obviously a lot more complex equipment), which suck up your skin like a vacuum and continuously pump a steady stream of cold air onto that area. And if you get nervous by the word “cold”, you really don’t have much to worry about. Yes, it can get pretty cold; a little warmer than your fridge on standard settings. But after a couple of minutes, you’ll grow numb to the cold and you won’t mind it at all, as the cold air is constantly pumped.

Our skin is very resilient and it can take a whole lot of cold for a long time. If you’ve ever had to stand outside in the winter for over an hour, then you’ve probably been through a lot worse cold than anything the Coolsculpting equipment can put out.

It’s Very Easy to Find

Some fat reduction treatments are pretty hard to find, since not every clinic is qualified to perform the procedures, especially the more complicated ones. The advantage of Coolsculpting is that it’s a lot more simple procedure (“simple” is a relative term since it’s still a very complicated procedure) when compared to so many others on the market, which means that it’s more accessible not just for clients, but also for clinics.

Many clinics in big cities like NYC and LA began offering Coolsculpting when it was first released into commercial use back in 2010. It’s widely available and fairly easy to find; and this vast availability does not diminish the quality of service in any way. There are tons of clinics which have some very affordable treatment plans, without having to sacrifice their quality of service.

This means that the prices on Coolsculpting are competitive, which means they’re more convenient for clients. All you need to do is look around your area and do your research to find which clinic is offering the best bargain on the treatment and how soon you can set up an appointment.

So not only is it a great treatment, as it is widely available, and efficient in what it does, but it’s also very much affordable. It just goes to show you that some of the best things in life are closer to you than you believe.

You just need to take a good look around and see how close you are to getting treated yourself and experiencing all the advantages of Coolsculpting NYC and other similar treatment plans. So, if you find that certain parts of your body are just not in the shape you want them to be and all the exercise you’ve done hasn’t helped so far, then see how Coolsculpting can help you tone your body to absolute perfection.