You must admit that email is a very popular marketing tool, however, it has not yet exhausted its functions as a communication tool. But, since time does not stand still, information tends to become outdated. That is why both marketers and ordinary users need to check this or that address for existence.

For more information on how to check whether mail exists and prevent the appearance of invalid email addresses in your database, read further in our article.

There are several types of email validation:

  1. Verify one specific email address. Most often it is carried out for non-commercial purposes to find out about the relevance of an email before sending an email and to be sure that it will be read.
  2. Bulk validate emails that were expediently collected for further distribution. This type is more common and in-demand among users, which has become the reason that tools for processing large lists are more advanced, multifunctional, and efficient.

Why inactive email addresses are bad?

If you send a letter to one invalid email, you will not suffer much, because there are many other channels of access to the person. But a completely different situation occurs during mass email newsletters.

Are you ready to overpay for something that obviously will not bring results? Even more, it will spoil your reputation as a sender and “reward” you with the rank of spammer in the blacklist of the next mail provider.

For example, what if, in response to an attempt to implement a carefully prepared email campaign, you were banned by the provider due to the high hard bounce caused by the invalid email address of your database? That’s not good, especially when there is such a simple way to avoid that just by cleaning your email list.

The most common causes of irrelevant addresses on your list:

  • User updated email address.
  • The subscriber has changed his place of work or position, department.
  • The user specifically provided you with a “one-day” email.
  • Email domain is dead.
  • Problems in the work of the provider/server on which the user’s email is registered.

How to check email addresses for validity?

Choosing a tool for work is your decision. Practice shows that when using email address validation service, for example, TrueMail ( you can get the most effective result.

With such services, you can upload a list that contains as many emails as you need to validate. Then the email checker carefully validates each email address (it usually doesn’t take more than several minutes for one file). And when the verification process is completed, you can finally see the results for each email address. You will see statuses “valid” or “not valid” and get immediately get rid of the non-existent email addresses. So, basically it takes you only three steps, which will save your money and sender reputation:

  1. Upload the email list to the email validation website
  2. Let it verify your list
  3. Upload the results to find out which email addresses are no longer valid.

Maintaining a clean email database in email marketing is basic hygiene. Observe – nothing threatens the health of your campaigns, no – problems begin. The main thing is to choose the tool most suitable for your business.