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Asthma is known to manifest even more during winter. Staying indoors can be as bad as going out in the cold winter air for people with asthma. If you have asthma, you know it gets challenging to manage the symptoms during winter. Fortunately, these are some of the ways you can manage asthma during winter.

Cover Your Mouth When Outside

When you are going outside, make sure your mouth is covered. Avoid breathing with your mouth and breathe with your nose when out in the cold. The nose will warm the air before reaching the lungs, unlike the mouth. So when you are going out, you can wear a face mask or cover your mouth with a scarf.

Clean You’re House Frequently

Dust also triggers asthma. Another way of keeping asthma from flaring up is continually cleaning your house and replacing the air filters to eliminate all the dust. Cover your nose and mouth during cleaning to avoid inhaling any of the dust. Since you are spending a lot of time indoors during winter, merely having a clean space can help manage asthma. Cleaning should also extend to your pets if you have any.

Work Out

Take your workout routine indoors. Do not abandon working out during winter. Exercise will increase your lung capacity and minimize inflammation, but make sure you warm-up before starting your workout. Working out will also help with the blood flow to your heart and lungs. Maintaining a workout routine can be what keeps asthma at bay. So when it gets cold outside, take your workout indoors. Adapt some breathing exercises too.

Take Your Prescribed Medication

While doing everything possible to manage the asthmatic symptoms, it’s important to keep taking your asthma treatment medication. Work closely with your doctor, and when the symptoms worsen because of winter, you can consider changing the dosage or medication. You should also eat right, get enough sleep and reduce stress.

Know What Triggers You

The best way to manage asthma during winter is to know your triggers. Inhaling something that triggers your asthma can cause your symptoms to intensify. When you know your triggers, it becomes easy to make the necessary changes, for example limiting your time with pets.

Get the Flu Shot

Before entering the flu season, it is best to get the flu vaccine to be safe – studies have shown that vaccination can reduce the number of asthma symptoms. When you have asthma, it is highly likely for you to get the flu, which can be problematic to handle. You can even get the pneumonia vaccine for extra protection. Avoid people with flu-like symptoms during winter.

Avoid the Fireplace

Sitting in front of the fireplace sounds nice during winter, but you should avoid the fireplace at all costs because of your asthma. Smoke from the burning wood will irritate your lungs because of the particles that pollute the air. You are likely to have an asthma attack after breathing in all the particles from the smoke.

Know What to Do When You Have An Attack

While managing your asthma, you should know what to do in case of an attack. Since asthma can be very dangerous, you should have steps to follow in case of an emergency. Know when to call your medical consultant and when to go to the emergency room. Having an action plan doesn’t have to be limited to winter alone. When you are going outside, remember to carry your inhaler.

Wash Your Hands

Make sure you wash your hands regularly to void getting infected. Washing your hands with soap will help in reducing germs and other viruses that can cause any infections. It can get real messy treating another illness or a cold during winter if you have asthma.


Managing your asthma symptoms will require you to go the extra mile during winter. All the listed tips will help you cope during the winter with asthma, but it is crucial to take all your medication. Asthma affects millions of people worldwide, and although there are several asthma treatment methods, taking personal initiative to manage the disease can be beneficial. So make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle aside from using your medication.