Defensive driving tips to keep you safe-Car driving is not a difficult task for today’s people. Everyone knows to drive a car, but there are certain things that are not recognized by everyone. If you are driving your car in a drift, you should never use the brake. Using brakes in drifting will block the wheels of the vehicle. The blocked wheeled car becomes very difficult to control and increases the chances of accidents. Drifting can deal with two ways, and both are different.

We know that the below discussed you know facts or methods but we come with specific defensive techniques of driving from the experts.

Where danger can come from.

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe

  • We use the breaks more when we know that the place of turns is slippery, zebra crossings and bus stops, etc. are there. Car drivers have to drive very consciously at these types of sites. They have to sit attentively while crossing on bridges, tunnels, entrances, and exits because these areas are hazardous and roads are tiny. You should drive the car at a very slow speed and fix your one feet on the brakes.
  • Winters give birth to more and more accidents. Foggy days of the winters become dangerous, and while driving a car, we should keep in mind that the distance between two vehicles should be double than summers. You should follow the required gap between the two cars.

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe

  • While driving a car in the traffic, you should keep your eye not only on your front vehicle but you should take a look upon 4-5 means of transport further. By taking a long-distance look, you will be able to see the speed breakers and road damages on your way.
  • Drive your car in winters more attentively because in winter roads become slippery. Don’t use the clutch pedal and brake pedal together because by using these two collectively wheels will get blocked. With the blockage of wheels, the car goes into a drift.

ABS Car Owners.

ABS referred to the anti-lock braking system. With the help of this system, cars become more comfortable to drive and safe. The braking system of the vehicle neutralizes the brake pedal on the slippery and icy roads if your driving is fast or rash. The system gives a signal when it needs to push the brakes. The brake pedal starts vibrating and tells you to slow down the car.

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None ABS car owners.

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe

This advice is given by our defensive instructors that if you are driving in a slippery area then use brake pedal with the downshift speeds. They both get pushed together. By pushing the brake pedal shortly, unblock the wheels of your car.

Tips and Tricks

Check the Road.

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe

Before driving a car fast, you should check the road first. I know it sounds awkward that how could someone check the way. While operating a vehicle push the brake pedal. If you notice that your car stopped, then the road is clean and pleasant. If your truck not stopped then the path is icy and slippery. Using this technique, you can check the way several times.

Divide by two

You have to keep in mind that if you are driving the car at 80 km/hr speed in summers then in winters the speed of the car should be half of the summers.

The surface road.

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe

While driving a car keep in mind that the four wheels of the vehicle should be on the same surface. If you are driving a truck with two wheels on the icy road and two on the ugly way, then it will slip your vehicle and increase the chances of an accident.

If you know any driving techniques, then please let us know.