Different Types Of Hunger And Ways To Control them


Types of hunger-Being hungry to eat something is an excellent experience such that one searches for the food wrong. Well, not only by physical means but hunger is also the emotional phenomena. Many people have the habit of eating all the time. They are foody. If you search for things just eating like anything, then it is a desperate hunger. But then after some time, you end up eating for only some bites.

But in the case when your sugar level is low, you feel dizzy and then the doctors recommend you to eat but at that time you do not think eating like anything. Now you might be thinking that what is the way that your body gives you the sign that you must eat now? How do you feel it is the time of requirement of the food?

Different Types Of Hunger And How To Control Each One

Here with you, we are going to share some facts about the types of hunger that you feel in the daily routines.

Eye hunger

The famous chefs bring beautiful plates to the tables. The presentation fo the food is eye-catching, and hence we feel hungry after seeing that item. What if you see the mason jar filled with a chocolate shake, filled with ice cream, waffles, and drizzled with the Nutella. You cannot resist eating it after one watch. If you see that food item in the newspaper, then you will feel like eating it.

Mind Hunger

On one side your mind will ask you not to eat it because it is full of sugar which is not good for you. But on the other hand, you will dig into eating it madly because you like it. Your mind will tell that if you can eat it or not.

This types of hunger can keep on changing your mind for taking decision as once it will say that you will gain much weight but on next it will say, you can lose your weight immediately. You must know how to avoid listening to your brain and take your decision.

Ear Hunger

You might have listened to the food packages being open in the public or the office. Or even you might have seen some delivery boy at your place who says he has the bag of food. The single hearing the word food will make you hungry. When the discussion is regarding your favorite food item, you start feeling hungry, and this is known as ear hunger. You need to divert your mind from such things.

Nose Hunger

When you smell something good, you feel eating it as soon as possible. Or we can say that you are hungry. Some food items smell too good that they invite us to eat them. A foody person will find from where does the food is coming near to him. Our ancestors give the security of safe food by smelling it.

You should not be hurried and patiently smell the ingredients of the food. Swallow the food by feeling it correctly.

Stomach Hunger

Stomach hunger is the legit category hunger, and it is not our stomach that says we are hungry, but we tell it that we need something to eat. We eat more than required than we feel good. Take an example if you are hungry but the time clock aware you that it is the time to eat food. You must see if you are hungry in actual or not and then eat food.

Mouth Hunger

Some dishes are delicious such that you eat more than required. It is because you need to satisfy the tastebud. Sometimes the desires of your mouth increase and they keep on changing, but the craving for it never ends. Many people who love spicy food while others love dessert. And people try to find out such items to eat, but it is not the actual hunger. It is like entertainment to the mouth. But we should understand that it is not good if we always listen to tongue demands. Stop eating if the craving is over for food. Eat to satisfy your taste but in the limit.