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Many delta THC variants, such as CBD, have grown in popularity. Therefore, cannabis companies have searched for other cannabinoids to compete. When it comes to cannabinoids, HHCP, or Phytocannabinoid Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the newest and most promising to enter the market.

HHCP distillate is, in essence, a cannabis extract that has been cleaned and processed to isolate cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBC, into specific proportions. A cannabis HHCP distillate is an extract that has been decarboxylated, winterized, and then distilled to produce the active ingredient.

How to make HHCP distillate?

When making HHCP distillate from cannabis, the cannabinoids must first be extracted from the plant’s substance using crude oil extraction methods. Physical or chemical separation is used in a crude extraction process.

Use CO2 for our extraction procedure! Before you can split the oil into its component cannabinoids, the crude extract must be cleaned to remove contaminants before separating the cannabinoids.

It’s called winterization, and it’s the next significant stage in distilling. Plant waxes, fats, lipids, and chlorophyll are all purified using this technique. Mixing the crude extract with ethanol results in the final product.

For about 24 to 48 hours, the solution is kept in an icy environment. The contaminants coagulate and separate in the cold temperature and fall to the bottom of the container. It is like baking a chicken: the fat and liquids run off and thicken as they cool.

Filtering the crude extract and ethanol solution takes place in the following step of distillation manufacturing, after which the HHCP distillate is ready. This process of filtering and purifying eliminates the ethanol that was present. Rotating evaporators and falling film evaporators can be used to extract ethanol and other methods.

As a result, this extract would not be potent. While CBD is a well-known cannabinoid, it is not the only one. However, cannabidiol acid (CBDA) is discovered at this stage. After being heated, CBDA transforms into CBD. There’s a scientific term for this: decarboxylation.

For cannabinoids, the carboxylic acid must be removed by a process known as decarboxylation. That occurs when the cannabinoid has been heated to the degree where the carboxylic acid has been removed from the compound. By eliminating the acid group, the cannabinoid is better able to interact with the neurological system and attach to cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) and type 2 (CB2) receptors.

The final stage in manufacturing cannabis HHCP distillate is the actual distillation of cannabis. Vacuum pressure and heat separate different cannabinoids and terpenes from the decarboxylated extract based on their distinct boiling points and molecular weights. At lower temperatures in a vacuum atmosphere, you can achieve the boiling point to prevent the loss of potency.

Cannabis HHCP distillate, a supplement you can utilize in various ways if these procedures are completed successfully, is the end product.

Different Ways to Use HHCP distillate

These procedures have been thoroughly tested to ensure that you get the correct dose of marijuana HHCP distillates.


To get the most out of your THC HHCP distillate, you should utilize a cannabis HHCP distillate vaporizer. You only need a cannabis HHCP distillate cartridge that can be replenished when it’s empty. Additionally, consumers should be able to customize their vape pens by changing the temperature of the heating element.


Taking HHCP distillates sublingually is one of the most natural ways to consume them. To use this method, put a few drops beneath your tongue, and then wait for the liquid in your body to enter your system. When vaporized, the cannabis HHCP distillate’s therapeutic and hallucinogenic effects are felt much more quickly than when taken orally. It takes longer to take effect than inhaling, however.

Pill form

Taking a pill of HHCP distillate is more potent and lasts for longer than taking it in the form of a vapor, a cigarette, or a joint. One or two hours later, however, you’ll experience the full effects. They are easy to carry and do not emit a smell.


You can also mix cannabis HHCP distillates with water, coffee, cannabutter, sweets, and milk for a simple and convenient way to consume the drug. You can even add a little to your salad if you want! Before washing your cannabis HHCP distillate cartridge, you can put it in a cup of tea to remove any remaining cannabis HHCP distillate residue from the cartridge.


The cannabis HHCP distillate can be inhaled using a bong or dab rig for those seeking an immediate high. Pick up and place your HHCP distillate on a dab nail or in your bong’s bowl. You can inhale the vapor once the substance has been heated.

Joints or spliffs

It is possible to roll a joint or blunt with hardened HHCP distillate spread on the rolling paper. Few puffs are all you need to experience its full potency.

Is cannabis HHCP distillate the same as oil?

There are wide varieties of cannabis oil, but HHCP distillate is one of the most popular because of its high potency. Aside from THC, it’s essentially devoid of anything else, making it ideal as a starting point for a wide range of different cannabis products.

However, not all cannabis oil is an HHCP distillate, and not all HHCP distillates are oil. Distilled cannabis oil has not been mixed with additional oils, such as coconut oil, and is made only from the cannabis flower.

If you’re using a broad spectrum HHCP distillate, you can ensure that the extraction process did not include any THC. The legal limit for THC in hemp plants, 0.3 percent, is used to define full-spectrum CBD extracts.

They suffer from transfer loss whenever raw extracts are moved from one container to another. A container’s contents can be difficult to remove when emptying it. A warm water bath is recommended when preparing to transfer HHCP distillate from jars to a new vessel. A rubber spatula can scrape the inside of the jar to help eliminate any remaining residue.

Pre-shipment inspections of all raw materials assure precise weights and quantities. You’ll find the tare weight on each jar of raw ingredients that you buy.