Easy tutorial to get the perfect lips.


Beautiful plumped up lips lifts up the beauty of your entire face. People have different beauty standards. Long hair, big eyes, fuller lashes, perfectly arched eyebrows are all signs of a beautiful face. But, most of all, our lips define our personality, as they give a voice to it. Beautiful lips not only enhance your smile but also provides elegance to your personality.

Like any other part of our body, lips also require a certain amount of care and nourishment. If you moisturize them regularly and take care of them, you will see outstanding results. Today we’re sharing with you the secret way to shape your lips so that they look nothing but the best!

1.Know your lips well.

You should know the natural shape of your lips. Do not feel bad for your body if some features of your body are not as per your expectations. Always remember that it’s a gift, nature has given to you. What you can do is accentuate your favorite body features. In pursuit of that, Understanding what you have got is the first step. There are various lip shapes: slender, fuller, puckered, prominent upper lip, thin upper lip with a full lower lip or any other combination.Know your lip shape, and proceed to the next step.

2. Things required:

After completing the first step, you need to assemble the following items to bring out the artist in you.

• A hydrating lip balm.
• A lip pencil. (Complimenting to your lipstick)
• A lipstick of your choice. (Choose the prettiest one ladies!)
• A concealer.

Now go on to the next step.

3.Moisturize your lips.

Moisturize your lips with a good lip balm. Let it settle on your lips for few minutes. Then, Reapply in case the lips look dry or chapped. Dry lips should be healed for both your beauty and health. Proceed only when you feel that lips are fully moisturized, smooth, completely free from dryness or flakes.

4.Work with lip liner.

Identify the line joining your cupid’s bow and your nose. This alignment will help in making your face look symmetrical. Start with cupid’s bow and then move towards the outer corners.Tilt your face while lining the corners. Make sure that the lip pencil is sharp enough so that the lining looks edgy and the color doesn’t smudge. Cover the outer edges to make them look natural.

5. Fill it in.

After lining your lips, fill the vertical wrinkles of your lower and upper lip with the same lip liner pencil. This step is extremely necessary. Then, apply a matching lipstick with the help of a lip brush. This will make your lipstick last longer. Use a thin brush to do this as thin lip brushes let you fill those fine lines with a seamless finish. If necessary, apply one more layer of lipstick directly with the lipstick or a thicker brush. Keep it even while applying. Make sure not to get your teeth stained.

6. Correct it with a concealer.

Now, look carefully for any flaws. It’s time to give the final touch to your lips by finishing the outer line of the lips by using a very thin layer of concealer.This is the final, and the most crucial step as not fixing the small flaws will ruin your entire look. Use a flat brush to prevent uneven blotting. Fix all the mistakes with concealer, and you are ready to shine!

Wear a bright smile! That will just add up to your elegance.