Biker style is one of those trends that never go out of fashion. A biker jacket is a timeless piece of wardrobe – it was popular 70 years ago, it remains relevant now, and we are sure our grandchildren will enjoy them a few decades later. If you don’t have a leather jacket and a pair of stout boots yet, then it’s probably time to update your wardrobe. After all, it is smart to invest in something that can stand the test of time.

To be trendy, you don’t have to be a kick-ass biker and have your own motorcycle. It’s quite enough to get hold of a biker jacket, leather pants or cool jeans, and a pair of high boots with a solid sole. Biker chic reigns supreme on the catwalks and storefronts of most sought-after brands: Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Jean-Paul Gautier, DKNY, Diesel, Guess, and many others.


The main element of the biker style is the beloved cropped leather jacket with a slanting collar and completed with straps, zippers, or rivets. By the way, the first jackets didn’t have any rivers or studs but after punks adopted leather outwear for their wardrobes, they introduced this iconic element of style. Yet, motorcyclists still prefer plain jackets because they choose functionality over appearance.

The sleeve of a biker jacket can be narrow, corrugated or flared. Materials vary from classic natural and artificial leather to fashionable this season neoprene. Alternatives to jackets are vests or ‘cuts’, sleeveless denim jackets. This option is common among motorcyclists who live in a warm climate – leather outfits would be too hot to wear under the burning sun.


Leather pants or black ripped jeans are an integral element of the biker style, on a par with the aforementioned jackets. They can be adorned with zippers, buckles, and belts. Feel free to combine them with risqué t-shirts featuring skulls, wings, crosses, wolves, and other prominent biker symbolism.

Unlike jackets that are barely changed under the influence of mainstream fashion, pants and jeans hardly resemble those that we can see on true bikers. Modern fashion dictates slinky, tight-fitting models whereas motorcyclists stick to wider pants. Try to sit the whole day long in tight jeans and you’ll know why. By the way, it is a common mistake to think that riders prefer leather. In fact, jeans dominate biker fashion. The compromise between these two options is leather chaps. As quite rational and practical dudes, motorcyclists utilize these items to protect their legs and preserve jeans from weathering.


Biker-style footwear is traditional grunge lace-up boots or ankle boots. There are two main conditions for stuff motorcyclists wear on their feet – they must sit securely (not slip off but not be too tight) and have a massive sole. A deep sole pattern will prevent feet from slipping off the footpegs while lace and buckles will help adjust boots to the size and shape of a rider’s foot.

As for materials, riders prefer good old leather. It is tear-, wear-, dust-, and water-resistant. Top-notch models allow your feet to ‘breath’. Cleaning and maintaining leather footwear is as easy as a pie. What else would a biker want?


Accessories are a vital aspect of biker chic. Traditionally, these are silver items with ostentatious symbolism – skulls, Iron crosses, eagles, Indians, totem animals, flames, etc. The favorite piece of biker jewelry is a ring. Motorcyclists started wearing them in the late 1940s when they spotted burly and solid Mexican rings. After adopting them to their needs, the world was introduced to biker rings the way we know them now. Besides finger ornaments, bikers decorate everything their hands can reach to. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, wallet chains, earrings, and many other items can be seen all over biker bodies.

If you personally don’t like jewelry but want to mix something biker-ish to your image, try out biker wallets. These original eye-catching accessories lend plenty of room for your essentials while letting you carry them with style. Besides, they are very durable, just like everything beloved by motorcyclists. You can find plenty of accessories at the biker jewelry store, the number one source for rings, necklaces, wallets, and other audacious items.


Many celebrities choose leather jackets for their everyday look. Among the ardent fans of biker style are Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Kristen Stewart. Men don’t lag behind either. Adam Levine, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, and many others are spotted flaunting biker wear. This is another proof that leather is cool, chic, fashionable, and sought-after. Whether you’re a fan of those glitterati or simply looking for something evergreen, you can’t go wrong with biker style items.