Football is a popular topic. Particularly in the USA. Football, as stated on the opening page of our แทงบอลออนไลน์ guide, is almost half of all Americans’ favorite sport. And UFABET accepts it as a common subject of discussion, whether in bars, homes, offices, or anyplace else.

Of course, not everyone knows what they are talking about. In reality, the most radical opponents usually don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ll repeat things they’ve read or heard elsewhere, attempting to appear knowledgeable.

This is part of our nature. It’s not unusual for individuals to pretend to know more than they do. This is usually innocuous, but it may lead to repeated misinformation so frequently that it becomes true.

And there’s a lot of repeated disinformation regarding football betting. Not only by those you encounter in person. For example, hundreds of websites mislead their users. If you read enough แทงบอลออนไลน์ blogs, forums, and websites, you’ll come across many “facts” that are just untrue. Many hypotheses have no foundation in reality. Even some of the numerous books published on football betting get it incorrectly.

Football Betting Facts

This is undeniably true. Some may disagree with them or refuse to accept them; however, this does not affect the facts. These are simple facts.

  • Football bettors usually lose
  • Bookmakers are experts.
  • Betting on value pays off
  • Wise bettors win

Of course, stating these facts tells you nothing. So let’s elaborate on them and explain their relevance.

Football bettors usually lose

Almost no one disputes this as truth. Most football bettors indeed lose money. Of course, this doesn’t imply they lose every bet. It simply implies they don’t win enough wagers to offset their losses. So they are in a losing situation.

Bookmakers are experts.

To put it bluntly, the bookies have the edge over their They set the odds. This allows them to add a fee (dubbed the “vig”) to every bet, which is how they earn money. Important is HOW they establish their odds and lines.

Betting on value pays off

You should be acquainted with the idea of value in sports betting. For more information on value, please see our sports betting guide page.

Some individuals totally ignore the value. That’s their right, but they’re incorrect. Value is definitely one of the most important elements of betting. Finding value in odds and lines DOES WORK.

Wise bettors win

Football betting is a tough business. Most do lose. But one can win. We established this previously. So why bring it up again? Because some individuals strongly disagree with the previous point we made.

Many individuals really think it is impossible to earn money by betting on sports. And they’re generally dead sure they’re correct. We’ll tell it straight up: they’re incorrect!

Myths About Football Betting

Now that we know the facts let’s look at some of the most prevalent football betting misconceptions. We’ve heard it all before, and chances are you have some of these misconceptions too.

  • Unbeatable bookmakers
  • Experts must be trusted
  • Parlay is for losers
  • Purchasing points must be costly.
  • Stats and trends rule.
  • ATS data is predictive

Unbeatable bookmakers

We won’t say anything about this one since it’s absurd.

Experts must be trusted

Really? Doesn’t the expert ALWAYS get it right? No way? This is a total myth, supported by the press.

Everyone knows “experts” on football, especially the NFL. Some of them are deserving. But many do not. Irresponsible to accept someone’s forecasts simply because they’re on TV. They usually provide personal opinions rather than factual information. Sometimes they simply guess.

Parlay is for losers

This is more free-flowing gibberish. That’s funny how frequently individuals say it to show off their clever betting skills. But it shows the contrary.

There is some truth here. Parlays are often bad bets. But so can any bet. When and how you utilize the various kinds of bets determines if you’re a sucker.

Many individuals utilize parlays improperly. They make numerous choices on a single bet to chase larger possible rewards without regard for strategy. This is clearly a bad strategy. Parlays may be lucrative if utilized strategically. Learn more about football parlay tactics in this post.

Purchasing points must be costly.

Experts in betting are divided on the issue of buying points, with strong reasons on both sides. But one point is a shaky as the rest. It’s just absurd.

It’s a myth. And a really stupid one. Those who believe this should not gamble. If true, then every single bet provided by a bookmaker must be of poor value. That’s clearly not the case; therefore, this isn’t a valid argument.

Stats & trends rule.

Stats may help a football bettor. There are many teams and player metrics available, many of which may be used to predict outcomes in individual games and over the course of a football season. Trends may be extremely useful. They can definitely help you make better forecasts.

But there are many more factors to consider. While numbers and trends are valuable, neglecting other elements of the game may restrict your chances of success.

Football Betting Strategies

In the years of betting on football, we’ve heard numerous ideas. Others of these are dubious at best, and some are absurd.

But some ideas are sound and worth knowing about. They can explain why things happen or don’t happen. Some theories may even assist you in making excellent bets. See the list below. They’re all basic, yet they all have value.

Public Theory Fading

Remember how we mentioned most gamblers lose? This hypothesis is based on that fact. The premise is that if most people lose, most people are betting incorrectly. So betting against them is likely to pay well.

No way. No more. It worked when the bookies established their odds and lines based almost exclusively on how recreational bettors were expected to wager. They’d be a popular team -8 when they should be -6. They didn’t need to provide a “fair” line since they knew the public still supported the favorites.

Betting on steam

This is the antithesis of fading public theory. It’s related to the fact that significant bettors’ actions may cause odds and lines to alter rapidly. Steam moves are significant shifts. The idea is that you should wager on such movements. It’s based on a pretty basic concept.

Sandwich Theory

Sandwich game theory is also logical. It’s something to consider in specific situations. But we think its worth is frequently overstated.

You may have heard of “sandwich games.” They occur when a team’s schedule offers them a difficult game, followed by an easy one. The sandwich game is the simpler game in the middle. Several of these scenarios occur during a season, and it is expected that clubs would underperform in their sandwich games. Theoretically, they will concentrate on the tougher matches.

Rebound theory

The bounce-back idea is easy. The idea is to gamble on teams who have recently experienced a major defeat since there’s a high probability they’ll rebound the next time they play. For example, a team that has recently experienced a loss will be eager to make apologies. So support them to win their next game.

Bye week theory

According to the bye week theory, games featuring a team returning from a bye week may be profitable. It’s based on basic statistics indicating teams have a better victory percentage in games played just after their bye week.


You need to study a lot to make money betting on football. But there’s a lot to IGNORE. You can’t believe everything you hear or read because there’s so much disinformation out there.

Football betting strategy requires an extensive understanding of football. This needs careful investigation. If you don’t want to do this, simply gamble for pleasure. You can only earn consistent profits by working hard.

This page’s information is a wonderful start. But it just scrapes the surface. Read on if you’re really ready to put in the work needed to be a winner.