Which Exercises Should You Do According To Your Age?


Exercises according to your age-As we grow, there are various kinds of changes that our body has to go through. Many processes in our body aren’t racing like before and are dialled down a little bit.

Physical activity becomes difficult, and pain endurance starts deteriorating. So there are plenty of exercises which are suitable for different age groups and which are a little treat for our body to stay and look healthy. But are all exercises suitable for every age group?

Exercises according to your age

Exercises according to your age
Working out is necessary for a healthy body.

Exercising benefits are no more a mystery to our society, but still, we refrain from doing it. Diseases are at bay with the help of exercising. Exercise is a kind of armour we give to our body in this polluted and busy lifestyle.

The busy schedules do not let us do all the exercises. But what if I share a secret and tell you that you do not have to spend hours and hours at the gym working out for that perfect shape.

Yes, you can cut down on the number of exercises and practice only the ones which are suitable for your age group. Gym trainers around the world believe that there are different types of exercises meant for different age groups. Do you want to find out which exercise suits you the best? Let’s dive deep!

Exercise, stay healthy and in shape.

For age 20-29

When you’re in your 20s, your energy level is at its peak, and you have just the right amount of it to perform different exercises.  You can use that young age and zeal to your advantage and obtain the body of your dreams. A 30 minutes workout can give you your summer body look just right.  To stay in good shape and remain healthy, here are some easy activities you can try out:

1. Kickboxing

Stamina and energy are the core needs of kickboxing which is a hardcore exercise. It requires fast changing drills and strict routine which is hard to keep up with, but remember the result and push your way through it. It will help you build those toned muscles and lose additional weight. It is a mix of Karate and Boxing which requires a lot of kicking and punching. Remember girls and even boys; it can also be used for self-defence in those crucial moments.


2. Spinning

Unwanted calories? Well, get rid of those with this intense cardio. Like the rest of the exercises, it makes you sweat heavily and shed that unwanted weight. It helps you build those upper legs, upper body and the leg muscles.


3. Boot Camp

The term boot camp comes from what is known as the training of the soldiers. It is quite intense and involves a lot of drills, pull-ups, etc. It is not at all recommended for every age group but you, fellas in 20s, you can you can endure this hard workout.

Soldiers undergo boot training.

For age 30-39

During the 30s the processes of your body slow down. It is an in-between age. Your metabolism decreases which make your body gain weight and because of the decreased metabolism it becomes harder to shed it.

The natural loss of bones and muscles adds to the reducing rate of your metabolism. Exercises that suit this age group are Pilates and cardio exercises such as walking, cycling jogging or swimming for at least five days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Metabolic rates exceed up to 25% after an aerobic workout, which is just what the body needs.

As we grow, losing weight becomes harder than ever.

For age 40-49

In the 40s body, posture is difficult to maintain. There is weight gain because of the decreased metabolism. Your body processes are slowing down, but don’t give up and exercise your way through a healthy lifestyle. At this age keep those cardio exercises working through but do not forget to add some balancing exercises to your schedule. Pilates and yoga poses will help you with your right posture and will maintain it. Push your body through those exercises and stay healthy. Follow the routine of exercises and battle your way through the 40s.

Yoga helps in maintaining postures.

For age 50 and above

Exercising at this age is vital for maintaining your body and even helping it to do your day to day activities. It helps your organs, i.e. your heart, lungs, etc. in functioning better. At this age, the body is fragile, and you need to take proper care.

If you want to control your blood pressure and cholesterol, and want to keep the heart diseases at a distance, you need some physical activity in your life. It will keep diabetes away from you and also advance peaceful sleeping. Exercises like golfing, walking or gardening, twice a week can help you in more ways than one.

Swimming is yet another good exercise for this age, or for any age for that matter. Consult your doctor before doing any hardcore exercises at this age. Don’t pressurise the body into something that it can’t handle.

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As we grow old, our mental and physical abilities decrease.

Some exercises that go a long way:


Aerobics is important as it maintains the body in more than one way. It is helpful in burning off calories, lowering your blood pressure, keeping your cholesterol levels in check, maintaining healthy joints, improving heart health, and maintaining many more functions of the body. A daily 5 minute set of aerobics is more than what your body demands.

Aerobics and Pilates

Raising arms

Maintaining your upper body strength is very important. Raising your arms above for a few minutes can achieve you with that objective. Stay in that position for a while and slowly bring your hands down. Repeating this exercise will help you maintain your blood circulation. Maintaining your blood circulation is vital.

Raising arms helps in better blood circulation.

Exercising on this day is essential. In this tangle of busy schedules, tasks, we are failing to take care of our bodies. A little exercise can go a long way in living a healthy life and even give you the perfect body that you want. Take some time out, press the pause button of your life, relax and exercise and treat your body with care for you get only one life so why not spend it while staying healthy. Stay healthy, stay fit and don’t forget to exercise.