Facts you should not put your feet on the dashboard-Some people think that they will get off their feet from the dashboard in case of an emergency. But it is not possible because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proves that airbags get exploded in less than 1/20 seconds. So it is not possible to take off your feet from the dashboard in that situation.

The speed of Airbag explosion

Facts you should not put your feet on the dashboard

Why it’s important to sit properly

Facts you should not put your feet on the dashboard

We should never sit on a passenger seat by putting our feet on the dashboard and sit with relaxation. This posture can perilously harm us because cars contain airbags which are generally in the panel. If unfortunately, an accident happens then it would hurt you in the wrong way. In the case of a crash if you are placing your legs on the dashboard, then your legs can be broken. The release of airbags contains so much pressure that your legs can push towards your face. In this way, you can get significant injuries on your face and legs.

Some people don’t even take seat belts seriously. Seat belts made for our security and safety. Whenever you sit at the front seat of the car, you should always wear a seatbelt because if the vehicle suddenly stops or accidents, then you will not get harmed. The seat belt will not show its effectiveness if you don’t sit properly. Wearing a seat belt and placing the feet on the dashboard will not save you from getting any injuries.

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“Trust me when I say it is not worth it. I am still recovering from my accident ten years later.”

Here we will tell you the story of a woman named Grainne Kealy who get severely injured in a car accident in 2006. She was sitting in her car while placing her feet on the dashboard and when the accident happened her knees bumped in her face due to the airbag explosion. In this accident, she only saved her life but nothing else. Her full body was injured, and she got surgery of 10.5 hours. It took too long to fix her injuries and doctors also removed her forehead for about two years.

Facts you should not put your feet on the dashboard

The woman herself shares the whole incident because she doesn’t want that what happened to her will happen to anyone. She said in her statement that, “It breaks my heart that not nearly enough people know how dangerous it is. It breaks my heart that I can’t reach enough people to warn them before another person has to go through what I had to go through.”