Fashion style that make you look older-We often style in such a way which makes us more stylish and make people think of us as more-trendy! However, there are some fashion blunders which you should avoid as they make you more aged! Have a look at these clever-fashion-hacks which helps you to go with your age!

Fashion style that make you look older


Though being is sun is advisable since it provides us with vitamin D however, too much exposure to sun rays may take a toll on our skin, therefore, we should curb the time we tend to spend in the sun and allow our skin to flourish away from the sun.


This is one of the fashion items that does not suit a women-figure. However, as an alternative, you can always go for boyfriend’s blazer in order to be smart. 

fashion style that make you look older


Wearing them feels like as if you are going for an interview in those top 500 companies. In short, they are very old-fashioned. In place of them, you can always go for a colored pair or else go for black-the best. 


Avoid too much foundation as more layers of foundation makes you look aged.