Fingers can say a lot about your personality.


There are several posts out there which talk or reveal our personalities through our sleeping positions, palm, fist or colourful candles. Have you come across reading personalities through observing fingers? It’s true, although it might sound a little foolish. Go ahead and check this out. All you really have to do is to look minutely at the tiny finger, the ring finger and its adjacent one. Look at them to compare with the pictures given and categorise as A, B, C. Let’s get started.

A Category:

  • An introvert kind of person who doesn’t share his emotions simply
  • Pretends to be independent and stronger always
  • Can get attached to someone quickly and is emotional
  • Is against dishonest people or liars
  • Can be short-tempered and less patient
  • Are very friendly and helpful
  • Can fake emotions well.

B Category:

  • Dedicated towards work and loyal
  • Can love someone wholeheartedly and be a true lover
  • Very devoted towards work, always tends to finish before deadline
  • Calm by nature and is away from getting hurt by anyone
  • Can be emotionally vulnerable
  • Can fake oneself when the situation demands

C Category:

  • Capable of forgetting anyone who hurt you
  • Respects peoples opinion
  • Can have ego issues which can explode into a heated argument
  • You often are the first person to go for an apology
  • A perfect blend of extrovert and introvert
  • Very straightforward and can make decisions, solely