Girlfriends Ranked According To The Zodiac


Girlfriend ranking based on zodiac-Check out what the Zodiac sign of your girlfriend says about her. Make sure you follow the free advice given in the article if there is some ‘friction’ in your relationship.

Girlfriend ranking based on zodiac

12. Scorpio

You need to be very careful. Your girlfriend can be very romantic, but she can be very harsh on you if you commit any mistake. She will make sure that you feel guilty and a simple ‘sorry’ won’t do. Just try to be very honest with her if you want to see the best from her.

11. Virgo

Your girlfriend always feels insecure. She tends to get jealous very easily. She even gets jealous of the people you talk or work. Just make sure you make her feel that you love her the most.

10. Aries

Your girlfriend is a passionate person. Whether work or relationship, she will take an ardent role in everything she does. Aries hate being tedious, and if you make her feel unwanted, she will leave you at once. Make sure she finds her world in you. She will make your life wonderful.

9. Taurus

Tauruses like to be independent, and any subjugation will make them leave you. Make her feel that you truly love her for what she is. Respect her decisions and never make her feel confined. If you succeed in doing so, she can be as caring as a mother.

8. Cancer

Your girlfriend is very sensitive. She gets upset with petty issues. Cancers love to pamper and be pampered like a baby. If someone else ‘spoils’ her more than you then she may leave you. Make sure that you always give her love and she will just be yours.

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7. Leo

You will find your girlfriend as a typical character from a romantic movie. She will always channel her relationship in such a way that you will feel like you are really in a romantic movie. Make sure that you balance between being a realist and a Romeo-and-Juliet couple.

6. Aquarius

Aquarius sign belongs to the average girls. Your girl will be very passionate and loyal in her relationship. You may feel that she is weird at first but, let the time pass and you will be very happy with her.

5. Gemini

Geminis are a melange of emotions. They are joyous and would spend wonderful moments with you, but at times they can be very annoying.

4. Libra

Libras are the kindest people. They always have a positive aura around them. You may even be jealous of her social life. They are very open, but they will love you intensely if you love them back. Never hurt a Libra woman because they cannot bear bitterness with their loved ones.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are perfectionists. They will give everything in the relationship. You may get annoyed or tired with their perfectionist behaviour, but, if you manage their attitude well, you will make out the best couple.

2. Pisces

Pisces denotes trustworthiness. They are very careful about their attitude towards you. You will never hear or see her doing anything that will upset you. She will intensely take care of you.

1. Sagittarius

These are the most gracious and selfless women. They will make sure that you reach heights in your life. Don’t get annoyed if she insists you in doing certain things; she is the best girl you can ever get.