To enhance your amazing outfit, even more, you need the correct pair of shoes. But when you go for shoe shopping, it can be a bit of a pain to find your perfect pair. So, today, we’ve brought you some useful tips that’ll help you to find just the right pair of shoes, the next time you go for shoe shopping.

1. Shop at the correct time: night time

Though it may sound very silly, but, as host Pooja Vakil says, there is a scientific reason behind this. Your feet are slightly more swollen in the evenings than in the mornings, so if you buy them in the evening, you just know that they’ll be comfortable all day, whereas buying shoes during the day might mean that they could get a little uncomfortable at night when your feet are swollen.

2. Choose the correct size!

According to facts,60% of people out there have one foot slightly larger than the other. So, when you go shoe shopping, try out different sizes of shoes, both smaller and larger to find out your correct fit. It is preferred that you pick a size larger than the size of your feet.

3. Measure your feet every two years

Have a habit of measuring your feet every two years, even if you are an adult. This is Because your feet tend to change sizes every now and then for example when you’re pregnant. So measure them to know if there are any differences in the size of your feet.