One of the most popular tutorials on the internet is makeup tutorial. Anyone can share their knowledge by uploading a tutorial. One can become a pro by watching these tutorials and get a glamorous look. If you don’t like one tutorial, then you to move on to next as you have thousands of choices. Each makeup product has its own hacks, but there are some eyeshadow tricks that every girl should know to achieve perfect eye makeup. This article will teach you eleven eyeshadow hacks!

1. Know Parts Of The Palette

Bigger the palette gets, more options you will have for different areas of your eyes. It is vital to know parts of the palette and where and how to apply them to your eye as every palette has a specific purpose in eyeshadow use.

2. Apply Sufficient Amount Of Primer

Apply a good amount on your entire eyelid as a primer keeps the eyeshadow longer on your eyes. Make sure that primer is completely dry before applying any eyeshadow!

3. Save Your Face With Eye Shields

You can very easily find these eye shields at your local drugstore or online.  Use them under your eyes to prevent the eyeshadow from falling and messing up your foundation or contour. They are very cheap and can prevent your makeup from spoiling.

4.Setting Spray For A Long-Lasting Eyeshadow

If you want to make your eyeshadow last the whole day, then use some setting spray which will hold your look for hours.

5. Blend it properly!

Use a fluffy brush to blend and to get smooth transitions between colors.

6. Various Brushes

Each brush has a different purpose. So use different brushes to find out the various things they can do with the eyeshadow. Experiment and learn from your experience.

7. Defined To Blend

Make a defined shape, then swipe your blending brush to get perfect smokey eyes.

8. Understand the Importance of Shape of Your eyes

The shape of your eyes plays a vital role while applying eyeshadow. It can make or break your look.

9. Accessorize Your Eyeshadow

Try out different products to enhance your look. Different shades can beautify your eyes in different ways.

10. Show Off Your Eye Color

Certain colors complements well with other ones. explore pair up the perfect shadow for your eye color.

11. Explore Various Shadows

There are many different kinds of eyeshadow available in the market which gives a slightly different look than others. You can have from dry to wet, loose and stick. Search for one which suits you and creates the look you want!