Go wild with this Crazy watermelon makeup trend!!


The new watermelon makeup trend is in vogue, and we can’t help but try it ourselves. While some might find it to be totally bizarre, some others find it very cool.Have a look and decide for yourself.

Summer is the best season to try this on.Share it with your friends too.

This looks totally like it. Like a watermelon.

I wonder how she did it. This actually looks like a watermelon.

Slice it up.

Norwegian makeup artist Ragnhild Skjeldnes said, “Watermelon is my absolute favorite fruit. I can finish a whole watermelon by myself, so my little sister suggested that I should do a makeup look based on it, and I loved the idea.”

This looks so precise.

Perfect execution I must say!

These lips look juicier than the watermelon itself.

Can you see the gloss dripping from her lips?

Go with sequin flare and the heavy coat of clear gloss

This might look so extra but believe it or not; it looks super cool during summers. And keeps your lips moisturized as well!

Go for black sequin seeds and a green sequin rind.

If you still want something more extra, go for black sequin seeds and a green sequin rind.