Humans are good at trying their luck. They love to take chances, risk, and calculated predictions. And because of that, activities that have these attributes are highly patronized all around the world. Before the advent of the spread of the internet, activities like gambling were done at shops. Although there is always a lot of enthusiasm, excitement, and social interactions that go on at designated shops and outlets, online gambling is gaining more ground.

Going down memory lane, the earliest form of gambling was racetrack and old sports. Little by little it metamorphosed into the building of outlets/shops to gamble and in the process, other sports were incorporated into the “what am I to gamble on”. Because of the shops, it is not uncommon to find paper and pen with bookmakers to be able to adequately take records.

However, technology began to have a foothold on gambling when the use of computers replaced paper and pen. It didn’t stop there; shops were also licensed to provide hot drinks to their customers when viewing their races on the television. And when the internet was commercialized in the late 90s, it revolutionized gambling. Bookmaking firms seized the opportunity of technology to make gambling ease free and effortless.

There was a school of thought which envisioned that the rate of gambling would drop if online gambling is accorded more prominence than the shop betting. Their reason was that apart from gambling, the social interactions that happened in the outlets are one of the best reasons why gambling had so much patronage.

Well, this proved out to be false, as technology has brought about online gambling which the bookmakers have attested to as bringing them a huge chunk of revenue. An online report says that revenue from online gambling hovers around $4 billion and represents an increase of 80% from 2008 to 2012. You can find more information about this and others by visiting this news website.

What contributed to the high patronage of gambling?

There are some factors that induced both the high patronage that gambling/casino games attract and the huge profits bookmaking firms realize. The sophistication of gambling is one factor. We all agree that the ease of doing business has been positively affected by technology. Gambling is not left out of the business that leveraged on technology. For one thing, humans love the simplicity of tasks and net effortlessness in carrying out assigned tasks.

Because of the accessibility of gambling to virtually all people through virtual gambling, the barrier of restricting gambling to outlets/shops/hotels has been eroded. People can participate through technological inventions through the use of smartphones, internet-enabled phones, or logging online and using apps of bookmakers like Mr green.

Prediction is the hallmark of gambling and for correct predictions, the commission/pay is quite huge. As humans, we believe in engaging in activities that have high-yielding values. And as a go-getter, one would opt to throw everything at the kitchen sink to get the coveted prize. If one takes a cursory look at gambling, one cannot but notice the freebies, bonuses available for first-timers. In some casino games and online gambling platforms, you actually don’t spend any money beginning gambling and yet if you win, you receive bonuses that commensurate to the game.

Even on online gambling, you can make friends, relationships with co-punters. That can solidify trust, build a long-lasting relationship, and can also be of assistance for gambling that requires teams and teamwork. Through constant prediction in gambling, you master different strategies that are not only useful to gambling but also useful to other life endeavors. Gambling is known to developmental reasoning, sharpen efficiency of thought, and increase mental alertness. Punters are aware of these advantages that gambling offers, which is why it enjoys high patronage.

How has gambling fared in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the countries not left out in the global gambling industry. Although it is greatly regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, it has a sizeable portion of the population engaging in this sector. The regulations in New Zealand have prohibited remote interactive gambling advertisements for overseas gambling.

With that in mind, New Zealand has ensured through its regulations that the communities are recipients of the profits made from public gambling. As casinos are concerned in New Zealand, six are operational. They are Dunedin Casino, Christchurch casinos, Skycity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, SkyCity Queenstown, and SkyCity Wharf Casino. You can get more advice for gamblers at

Online Casinos are huge in New Zealand. When it comes to receiving a quality assessment of gambling operators, they supply players with such information. Important information such as licensing certification, regulated and tested games, Casino promotions, mobile gameplay are available. New Zealand players also have multi-gaming options available to them. They can choose to engage in Live Casino, General Casino plays or sports betting.

On top of that, New Zealand online casinos come with security measures. This is to ensure that your information is confidential, that you are mandated to pick a strong username in addition to log-in security. Your identity is verified through the submission of a photo ID and your address. Also, an accredited body testing in New Zealand provides some information regarding the payout of casinos to customers.