Have A Tickle By Seeing These People Having Not So Good Days


People Having Not So Good Days-We all have ups and downs in our lives. Someday of our life may be wonderful and the next day may not be so good. If something terrible happens in the beginning, then everything goes wrong one after the other. This happens with all of us and embarrasses us in front of everyone but laughing about it can make you feel better. Today we are doing something like that. We bring to you peoples who were caught in some unusual situation which will tickle your bones.

Where There Is Key, There Is Hope Or Quite The Opposite

Have A Tickle By Seeing These People Having Not So Good Days

No matter how our day goes, we get relaxed once we get home and find peace. Here also the person wanted to get in and relax after a hectic day but got locked out most unexpectedly!!

Temple Run!

We face a lot of terrible things but nothing like this man. This man is running to save his life from the animal. Let’s just hope he didn’t get caught.

Road Rash!

Bikers love to go on long drives discovering new places, having new exciting experience but this is some experience none of us would like to have.

I Hate Bars!

Hitting something while walking is painful but what about hitting something while running. This athlete ran into a bar injuring his neck and face. It would have been very painful and also embarrassing in front of everyone.

God Bless Everyone

Losing someone from your family or friends or anyone who you love is disastrous. Parting from them or their body is really difficult. When something like this happens, the situation gets even worse.

Cars Belong To Ground

Imagine giving your car for repair and get it more damaged…..Unexpected. The mechanics here screwed up bad making it a very bad day for themselves and the owner of the car.

I’m Tired……Won’t Carry Them Any Longer

Just like the previous one, this is also a case of negligence. Their negligent mistake caused a funny loss. Of course, it wasn’t funny to them.

I Had Enough Fun, Let’s Go Back Now

Roller coasters are scary rides for most of the people. Still, there are a few who think the contrary. Will their views still be same if tuck in such a situation?


Somehow this person managed to get her head stuck in the bus door. This must have been very painful and terrifying. Let’s just hope the bus was stopped to help her out before taking the photo.

I Don’t Like Anybody Coming Near Me

This picture surely raises a lot of questions, and the most obvious one is How??? This person did not just have a bad day his following days would have been bad too due to pain.

I Want To Fly

This guy sure looks like a fan of video games. It would have looked pretty cool before the crash, but the crash looks pretty intense. The only thing we can hope is that no one got hurt badly.

Taking Control In Your Hand!!

They would have had cut down their road when this photo was taken. Although the whole thing would have been pretty cheap for it to snap like this.

I Love Wedding…… And Bicycle

All of us have faced a situation when we try to avoid walking from the background when a photo is being taken. We sometimes also like to photobomb our friend’s or family’s photo, but this guy took it to a whole new level.

Time Doesn’t Last…

This person was so happy about it, but it didn’t last. Though his day changed from happy to sad it would be a nightmare to clean up this mess from the car.

No Entry!

What an unexpected, unusual and annoying situation! This person was about to enter the home, has his keys and everything is thinking now nothing can stop me except the door, the door seems to have some other plans.