How walking helps to improve your health


Health benefits of walking-Walking is always a healthy exercise, and the best part is that one doesn’t need to spend time in the gym for this exercise. Besides cardiovascular benefits, walking helps in maintaining a fit body and better respiration for the body. Going to work, school, college or anything, everyone should keep a constant walking routine throughout the day to reap the benefits of walking.

It has been evident that walking for even just 30 minutes helps a person to maintain a better physical and mental health. So we are going to look into eight benefits associated with walking:

Health benefits of walking

Healthy Immune System :

In the Appalachian State University of North Carolina, a study revealed that 30 minutes of walking helps in increasing the number of immune cells in the body.

Health benefits of walking

Reduces stress eating:

Whenever people are depressed or upset about anything, they feel a tendency to eat more. This is what we call stress eating and is not suitable for health. So walking helps with this disorder and makes people less obliged to eat more under stress.

Better mobility in the later stages of life :

Having a daily walking routine helps people maintain better health in old age. Especially for people between 70 to 80 years of age lead a better healthy life if they regularly walk in the earlier period.

Cardiovascular health benefits:

Everyone knows walking and running helps in maintaining good cardiovascular health. Harvard Medical School even made a report saying that walking for only 20 minutes can reduce heart disease risk by 30%.

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Helps reduce the chances of diabetes:

Walks after a meal are helpful to the body as it helps make use of insulin better in the body. This, as a result, reduces the chances of diabetes especially after intaking a meal with a right amount of sugar.

Helps in Weight loss:

Walking burns the extra fat in a person’s body. The excess fat is always an issue for everybody, so walking daily for 30 minutes will help burn some of it down.

Prevents certain types of cancer:

Walking for 3 to 4 hours a week reduces the chances of developing breast cancer and bowel cancer by 50%.

Helps to maintain better mental health:

Research has shown that walking helps a lot In case of stress or tension. People often power walk when they are under pressure, and it does help to get their mind off of things they are concerned about.